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Advantages of VoIP for Medium-Sized Businesses

VOIP (Voice over IP) is a technology that makes phone calls over the Internet instead of over regular telephone lines. Many businesses and people are making the choice to switch to VOIP for their communication needs. There are a variety of advantages of using VOIP over traditional phone lines.

One advantage of using VOIP is saving money on long distant calls. There are a variety of applications and software that people can use to communicate over the Internet. Some even allow the use of a webcam for video calls too. By using VOIP, there won’t be a need to pay for long distant calls-as most of them will all be unlimited.

Another advantage of using VOIP is having the ability to integrate it into a business website. Customers can make an immediate connection to a business when they have a question. By placing a link on a website that allows a customer to “click here to speak with a representative,” it can create instant customer service.

Businesses that allow their employees to have cell phones can save on minutes by allowing them to talk using the Wireless LAN mode. This can save money on cell phone plans and allow for extra minutes to be available-as some wireless companies roll-over minutes. Voice mail can also be accessed through email clients when using VOIP too. This can also save time for employees by going straight to their email instead of having to check for messages in both places.

When businesses use VOIP services, it allows many advantages for their business. It allows them to save money for their communication budget, allow their customers to have immediate customer service and allow employees to handle their messages all in one place.

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