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Business Internet: One of the key factors in keeping your business up to speed with competition is keeping your business Internet up to speed. All businesses have a need for connectivity that both fits their budget and speed requirements.

How to choose the best Business Internet service: Several factors come into play when choosing which Internet service is best for your business.

  • What type and how much bandwidth are you looking for?
  • Where is your headquarters located?
  • Do you foresee any expansion (remote sites) as selecting a provider with access to all your markets could be beneficial?
  • What other solutions are you looking for or can you effectively bundle to reduce price (i.e. voice or dialtone solutions)?
  • Are you very cost conscious or support centric? Some providers that are more expensive provide more support services tailored for a better customer experience with faster escalation practices.
  • Are you a M-F 8AM-5PM business, extended hours, weekend hours, or around the clock? Some discounted providers have a skeleton support system after hours.
  • Do you require personalized attention or are you okay with sitting in a queue for all support, customer service or billing questions?
  • What are your growth projections in 1, 2 and 3 years? Leveraging a solution that can scale if you expect growth within 3 years can benefit you.

Once you define your business' Internet needs, you can better decide which one will best benefit your business. There are many different types of Business Internet options available to increase both business productivity and collaboration. Different types include:

  • Private Internet:
    • Dial-up: Internet connection established through a modem that connected to standard phone lines. When users initiate a connection, the modem dials a phone number of an Internet Service Provider that is meant to receive dial-up calls.
    • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): A medium that is used to provide internet connection by transferring digital signals over standard telephone lines. DSL provides broadband internet access to businesses primarily in urban locations, as the business site must be within a specific distance of an ISP.
    • T1 Dedicated Internet Access: Providing reliable high-speed connectivity, T-1 dedicated Internet Access is a private unshared connection, meaning your business never has to compete for bandwidth.
    • Ethernet over copper (EOC): This is a connection that uses twisted copper telephone wire. It uses the same RJ45 jack connection that conventional Ethernet cables use. It's highly affordable and provides consistent connections to the user.
    • Fiber Optic Internet: The fastest internet connectivity available, Fiber internet provides more bandwidth and higher speeds than connections transmitted over copper.
    • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS): MPLS is used in high performance networks and directs data from one network node to the next based on short path labels rather than long network addresses.
  • Public Internet:
    • Cable Internet (Coax): By using a cable modem, your business can receive a broadband Internet connection which is designed to run over cable TV lines.
    • Satellite Internet: Internet over Satellite (IoS) gives businesses an internet connection via a satellite. Since the connection must travel from the earth to the satellite and then back again, this internet connection is a bit slower than connections transmitted over copper or fiber optic cables.
    • Wireless Internet: One of the newer Internet connection options, wireless internet services connect your business to the internet using frequency bands instead of physical cables. Typically wireless internet can reach fast speeds, and is available in most metropolitan areas. As long as your business is within the network coverage area of an ISP, you will receive an always-on connection.
How can Internet help your business?

No matter what size or industry your business is, Internet connectivity is an extremely important part of your business plan. With a fast and secure Internet connection, not only can your business become more efficient with better communications, but it increases business productivity.

  • Benefits of Business Internet:
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Enhanced Communication
Some of our nationwide partners who provide Internet services include:
  • AireSpring
  • AT&T
  • Birch Communications
  • Century Link
  • COEO Solutions
  • Cogent Communications
  • Comcast Business
  • First Communications
  • Masergy
  • Netwolves
  • Time Warner
  • US Signal
  • Windstream Communications
  • XO Communications
Where do we come in?

Often times, sales representatives only represent a single service provider. At CCS, we are partnered with all of the major Internet Service Providers and our sales and service teams have extensive knowledge and experience with all of our carrier partners, which allows us to provide unbiased recommendations that align with your unique business needs.

Some advantages of working with CCS rather than directly with a carrier include:

  • Carrier Neutral: We will provide multiple solutions and proposals to give you neutral, honest feedback based on the experience of our own clients.
  • Low Price Guarantee: Our pricing will never be higher than that of a carrier's direct side. We guarantee that we will match or beat any competitive price.
  • More Efficient Support Process: We have direct access to our carriers' higher levels of support which result in quicker resolution and less of your time spent on getting an issue remediated.
  • Account Management: We will be your single vendor for all your voice and internet needs. If you have multiple and/or nationwide sites that require multiple carriers, we can provide you with a carrier solution for all of them. We will also handle business relocation, new sites, etc.

If you are interested in finding out more about the best internet solution for you, contact Converged Communication Systems today by emailing us at sales@convergedsystems.com or giving us a call at (877) 598-3999.

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