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Benefits of Building a Private Cloud

What is private cloud?

If there is any one thing that your business needs to succeed, it is a phone system. Without a phone system you can't keep in touch with colleagues, customers, or potential customers. It's one thing to simply have a phone system for your business, but another to have the best phone system possible for your business with the most robust features that meet your business needs. A growing innovative solution to a business' communications is having their communications service hosted in a private cloud. You may be wondering what exactly makes a cloud private. A private cloud is a cloud in which services and the infrastructure are managed on a private network. Choosing a private cloud over a public or hybrid cloud and reap many benefits. Since it is private, the level of security is highest and business data is better protected.

How can businesses leverage private cloud over other options?

  • More flexibility with IT infrastructure: With a private cloud comes extreme flexibility with IT infrastructure. There is more flexibility to add more capacity for different applications at specific times of day. The infrastructure can easily be changed, and you can completely build up your cloud specific to your business needs and qualifications.
  • More reliable than having on-premise: Though on-premise solutions have their benefits, private cloud solutions take on-premise a step further. A hosted private cloud solution for your phone system means that your business doesn't have to deal with risks of sharing physical resources.
  • More customizable than public cloud solutions: On a public cloud, if you have compliance requirements, or any variety of other business-specific needs, it's ultimately impossible to customize as your server shares the same storage, hardware, and network devices as other businesses on the same cloud. With a private cloud, you can select specific hardware and customize your cloud to meet your business needs.
  • Allows more flexibility with integration with your business applications: When switching to the cloud, it's important that all your business applications are easily integrated. A private cloud offers far more flexibility when it comes to integrating your business applications into your new cloud environment. Integrating your business applications with a private cloud solution is easy.
  • Not forced to purchase carrier services (dialtone/internet) from the cloud solution: Building your own private cloud means you get to choose which carrier services you want to be a part of your cloud solution.
  • Intelligently scale: Private clouds offer extremely flexible scalability. As your business grows, you can grow your cloud with more bandwidth, easily add applications and phone systems, and update any customized features necessary to better your business as it expands.

Parts of a private cloud: Think of building a private cloud like moving your Equipment Room to another location, it's as simple as that. The steps to building private cloud include:

  • Locate a data center: The first step in building your private cloud is ensuring that you choose the right data center to store your hardware and equipment.
  • Select proper Internet at HQ (current equipment room) and at Data Center: Without the proper Internet, you can run into issues that slow down your business.
  • Ensure site to site connection(s) such as MPLS and/or IP Sec are in place: When building a private cloud, you must ensure that each site is connected to one another.
  • Acquire a solid migration partner: Converged Communication Systems and Stratosphere networks will guide you every step of the way through your migration to a private cloud. A lot can go wrong when a business doesn't properly migrate; that's where we come in.

Why select private cloud phone systems over public PBX Solutions?

  • Cloud PBX solutions are limited in multiple aspects:
    • Integrations to other business applications are limited or non-existent.
    • Feature limitations - Cloud PBX solutions don't offer many features. A feature as simple as Call Coverage can be unavailable.
    • Internet Connections: You are encouraged not to use what you have in place. You must purchase the providers IP or internet connection otherwise plan to experience more than normal voice quality issues and service interruptions. With that being said, if you are under a term then cloud may not even be an option.
    • Outage impacts a large population of clients which leads to slow support response times.

If you are considering making the switch to a private cloud phone system, or just need assistance in making your current solutions better, get in touch with a private cloud expert today by emailing sales@convergedsystems.com or calling (877) 598-3999.

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