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Avaya IP Office 500V2 for business communications

The Avaya IP Office IP 500 V2 (also known as IPO IP500 V2 Control Unit, IP Office IP 500 v2, IPO IP500 v2, IP 500 V2, IP500 V2, IPO 500v2 System Unit Assembly or IP Office 500 v2) is the most recent control unit for Avaya IP Office Phone Systems, and has revolutionized communication within businesses. Before Avaya IP500 V2 came about, there was IP500 V1. Though IP500 V1 had a large influence in the way that businesses communicate, IP500 V2 has influenced an even bigger change. With complete collaboration, the IP500 is a combined voice and data communications system with PBX, VoIP and SIP support.

Avaya IP Office 500V2

Avaya IP Office is Avaya's primary product line and is a communications solution that addresses the communication challenges within small businesses. It integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Lync, and Salesforce.com and syncs with contacts and calendars from desktops, leading to greater efficiency. The IP 500 V2 is a control unit for the Avaya IP Office software platform and offers IM and Presence support, and Federated Presence with GoogleTalk.

The Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Control Unit was released with IP Office Release 6.0 (R6.0) which included integration with Avaya Aura® and a simple migration from PARTNER® Advanced Communications System to IP Office. IP Office 500V2 can additionally support more recent releases all the way up to the most recent Avaya IP Office Upgrade: Avaya IP Office 9.1. R9.1 is not supported on the IP500 (version 1) Control Unit, so in order to have the most updated version of Avaya IP Office, the hardware used must be IP500 V2.

The Avaya IP Office 500 V2 is the most recently released control unit for the Avaya IP Office System family. It can support up to 384 telephones and 8 T1/E1 trunks. As stated before, IP500 V2 supports IP Office R6.0 and higher as well as several tiers of editions:

  • IP Office Basic Edition: The basic edition offers essential system and Avaya PBX features including voice mail, conference bridges, and single-site deployments. It allows up to 48 users- 24 digital, 24 SIP, and 16 analog trunks.
  • IP Office Essential Edition: The essential edition is best for small businesses and provides voice mail features (up to 25 hours of message storage), IP PBX functionality, mobility (Avaya one-X® Mobile Essential), 4 Remote Worker licenses, and 128-part ad hoc conferencing (128 conference participants and up to 64 on a single call). It allows for up to 384 users per site, 1,000 users across 32 sites, and up to 240 PRI channels, 32 BRI channels, and 204 analog trunks.
  • IP Office Preferred Edition: The preferred edition offers secure password-protected audio conferencing, Avaya one-X® Mobile Preferred, Call recording, large voice messaging capacity, and is typically for small and midsize businesses that are in need of real-time collaboration and unified communication systems.
  • IP Office Advanced Edition: The advanced Edition is best for businesses that rely on their quality of customer service. It required the IP Office Preferred Edition previously mentioned prior to purchase, so you additionally receive everything offered in the preferred edition.

The different editions are tailored to businesses of any size- including small and medium businesses and larger.

Avaya IP Office Configuration and Specifications:

Avaya IP Office Configuration and Specifications
  • 4 base card Slots (for phone and trunk cards)
  • 8 expansion ports
  • LAN/WAN (Ethernet)
  • Supports up to 384 extensions (digital and IP)
  • Accommodates Legacy Card Carrier
  • Requires power lead and an IP Office SD card (compatible SD cards):
    • IP Office U-Law SD Card: Defaults to U-Law telephony or for software earlier than IP Office Release 7.0 it defaults to IP Office standard mode.
    • IP Office Partner Edition SD Card: Defaults to U-Law telephony and IP Office Basic Edition
  • Up to 1000 employees among 32 different locations
  • Supported Avaya IP Office Phones:
    • IP telephones:
      • 9600 series: 9620L/9620C, 9630G, SBM24, 9640, 9650/9650C
      • 1600 Series: 1603i/1603i SW, 1608i, 1616i, BM32
    • Digital telephones:
      • 9500 series: 9504, 9508, BM12
      • 1400 series: 1403, 1408, 1416, DBM32
    • Conference telephones:
      • B100 Series: B149, B159, B179
    • Cordless telephones:
      • IP DECT-DECT R4 (IP DECT radio cells): DECT base stations, 3720/3725, 3740/3749
      • WLAN telephony (WLAN radio cells): Voice Priority Processor, 3641, 3645
    • Other telephones:
      • Video softphone/Mobile Clients: IP Office Video Softphone, One-X™ Mobile Essential Edition, One-X™ Mobile Preferred for IP Office
      • 3rd party SIP phones

Avaya IP Office 500 V2 can function as either a traditional phone system or an IP telephony server, and supports single locations and multi-site networks. Avaya IP Office is a unified communications system that connects companies with customers and partners leading to seamless communication. Avaya IP Office Training is also available, so that businesses can take full advance of their Avaya phone systems.

Implement a flawless communication system and don't ever miss a call again, have Converged Communication Systems set you up with Avaya IP Office 500 V2 today: sales@convergedsystems.com.

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