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More and more businesses looking for customer relationship management (CRM) are turning to Salesforce.com, which has become the dominant customer database solution for sales and marketing focused firms. Many businesses face the challenge of connecting their telephone system to their prospect and customer database. Converged Communication Systems can help with solutions and custom integration packages such as Avaya Esna, which allows your phone system to connect to your customer database. End users can simply point and click from Salesforce to initiate a call from the customer phone system. It will not only dial but also log the call and track it in Salesforce. For a marketing department, tracking client touches is huge.

With CCS custom integration and CRM solutions from Salesforce, your sales and marketing teams can boost productivity and engage with clients using a range of flexible cloud-based platforms services. Salesforce offers the following products to help transform how businesses connect with customers:

  • Data.com lets you boost sales productivity by offering insights about your current customers and helping your sales rep target and engage prospective clients.
  • With Sales Cloud, you can view and track all of your customer and information in one place and from any device. Use Sales Cloud to track deals and opportunities, set goals based on metrics, manage sales territories, and more.
  • Service Cloud gives you the capability to provide your customers with the service they want and need 24/7 with personalized support across various channels, ranging from phone and email to social media platforms. Service Cloud also gives you the capability to predict issues before they arise and respond quickly to improve customer satisfaction.
  • By using Desk.com, you'll gain access to tools that will let you manage and organize cases quickly and easily. Other features include automating repetitive tasks, setting up a convenient self-service site for customers who want to troubleshoot their own issues, and the ability to analyze business and support performance.
  • Marketing Cloud makes it possible for your company to map out customer journeys and construct personalized experiences using email, mobile and social media marketing. Additionally, Marketing Cloud aggregates customer data in one place to give you a comprehensive look at who your customers are and gain valuable business insights.
  • The Salesforce Pardot B2B marketing automation tool makes it easy to execute marketing campaigns using custom landing pages and forms, in addition to personalized emails and web content. With Pardot, your marketing team can also automatically nurture and assign leads.
  • Community Cloud will let your company connect with partners and customers on a whole new level. This online community software gives customers a way to interact directly with you and each other to ensure that they get the help and services they need. Community Cloud can also serve as a platform for collaboration with vendors, suppliers, and other groups that are vital to your business.
  • Enhance employee engagement, productivity and innovation through Chatter, a leading enterprise social network. Chatter is designed with mobile in mind, so you can share files, approve expense reports, add support cases, and more from any device. Create groups to organize the discussion for teams, campaigns, accounts or events.
  • With the Wave Analytics platform, any business user to quickly and easily access data, combine datasets and create dashboards. Additionally, Salesforce designed Wave Analytics for mobile visualization, so you can access, view and share your findings from any device. A native Salesforce cloud service and deployment with field-level security and role-based hierarchy makes Wave Analytics data delivery quick, simple and secure.
  • Sales Wave Analytics combines the capabilities of Sales Cloud and Wave Analytics to empower your sales team. With this end-to-end app, sales managers can track team performance, identify opportunities for growth and manage and monitor the sales pipeline. Sales Wave Analytics Accelerator Templates generate CRM analytics, best practice dashboards and key performance indicators for your team. Sales managers can also use the app's historical analysis capabilities to identify pipeline trends, track business performance, and more.
  • The Salesforce1 Platform - a 100 percent cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) - lets you build and manage apps quickly and easily. The platform provides your business with the foundation for creating cloud solutions (security, networks, servers, architecture, infrastructure and more), in addition to rapid application development tools and the services and APIs you need to retrieve and integrate data from outside sources. The Salesforce1 Platform also includes the customer- and employee-facing app building tools Heroku and Force.com.
  • Give your developers the power to strengthen customer relationships with the app-building tool Heroku. Create visually engaging customer-facing apps in record time using Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, Node.js and many more programming languages. You can also sync up customer-facing apps with employee-facing ones using Heroku connect, giving your sales team valuable insights into customer behavior and issues.
  • Create custom apps for your employees in no time with Force.com. Enhance employee performance by using the Force.com suite of point-and-click tools to create apps for any department, such as IT, HR or sales. Every app is also instantly mobile, meaning your employees can access the information they need from any device at any time.

For sales and marketing focused companies, it's crucial to integrate telephone systems and CRM solutions to track customer interactions, enhance engagement and improve productivity. Let CCS help you with solutions and custom integration packages that will let you realize the full potential of Salesforce. Contact us today at 877-598-3999 or sales@convergedsystems.com.

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