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Business T1 Line and PRI Circuit

Business T1 line:

Many businesses need a single business T1 line or multiple T1 circuits based on their business requirements. A T1 is 2 copper pairs from the telephone network that provide voice, data, or a hybrid solution for your business. A single T1 provides up to 1.544Mbps.

Renew your T1 or PRI service:

If you are looking to renew your service, contact our team of carrier service consultants to provide an unbiased approach to providing renewal pricing for your business. Businesses tend not to know what they have on their phone and internet bill, whereas we provide telecom audit services to sift through the pages and pages of bills in order to understand what you are paying for. Then we review your phone systems and IT infrastructure to better understand your technology capabilities. Typically, your business needs have changed since the last time you purchased dialtone or internet services; let us help you connect with the right provider.

Multiple T1s:

Larger businesses or businesses with greater needs typically ordered T1s in one of the following fashions:

  • T1 - 1.544 Mbps
  • T3 - 43.232 Mbps (28 T1s)
  • OC3 - 155 Mbps (84 T1s)
  • OC12 - 622 Mbps (4 OC3s)
  • OC48 - 2.5 Gbps (4 OC12s)
  • OC192 - 9.6 Gbps (4 OC48s)

Due to advancements in infrastructure equipment, providers have become more flexible with businesses requiring multiple T1s but less than 10 Mbps which is commonly referred to as bonded T1s.

Why businesses should turn to business T1 line versus Cable Internet:

Cable internet has become a very popular and low cost solution to get access to high amounts of bandwidth. Your business should truly evaluate the pros and cons and not only focus on monthly price as it could impact your business and end users. However, cable internet has the following disadvantages:

  • Shared line; thus, other subscribers can negatively impact your connection speeds.
  • Your bandwidth isn't guaranteed as upload/download speeds vary.
  • Support response to outages or issues with your cable internet services is typically slow. There are no guarantees in response or service time.
  • PRI circuit over cable internet is more popular; however, quality can vary based on your cable internet connection.

T1 line differs in the following ways:

  • More flexible and diverse service to provide voice only, internet only or a hybrid solution.
  • Standard intervals for turnup can be 3-6 weeks; whereas, cable internet and voice services might be able to be expedited based on facility availability.
  • Better support response times and business level guarantees built into the agreement with your provider.
  • T1 providers are readily available throughout the world; thus, competitive pricing is available.
When should I consider moving to a Voice PRI?

Businesses that have approximately 6 phone lines can benefit from a voice PRI. The voice PRI allows for direct inward dials and eliminates cross talk which stands phone lines are more susceptible to weather related issues. The PRI allows number consolidation and expansion. Clients with 6 phone lines with only 6 numbers can now have 10, 20, 50, 100 or more phone numbers over 6 channel PRI. If you need help to migrate to a voice PRI, let us help design and upgrade your phone system to ensure it allows voice T1.

What does PRI stand for?

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) provides a digital circuit instead of an analog circuit or analog pots lines. A PRI allows up to 23 concurrent call paths.

What are some other common business T1 lines?
  • Data T1
  • Point-to-point T1
  • Integrated T1
  • Hybrid T1
  • Flex T1
  • Dynamic T1
  • Burstable T1
  • Sip T1
  • VoIP T1

If you'd like to learn more about how Business T1 Lines or PRI Circuits could benefit your business, contact us today at sales@convergedsystems.com or by calling us at (877) 598-3999.

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