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Successfully adopting new technologies is essential for businesses looking to not only keep up with the competition but stand out in their industries. However, without the right knowledge and resources, it's difficult to get the most out of new communications solutions and maximize your return on investment.

Converged Communication Systems and Avaya Global Services - an organization that manages large sites (1,000 plus) and national account chains - provide professional services that help businesses realize the full advantages of IP Office Virtual Server Edition and other Avaya solutions. In collaboration with Avaya, the CCS team offers a range of expert services, including installation, maintenance, support, training, upgrades, and IP Office Software Support.


New technologies must be installed properly for your business to maximize ROI. CCS has a full in-house support team that can help your company install all types of Avaya solutions. We can help you plan, design, develop, and integrate new communications products and technology. Avaya professional services include support for all of the phases of installation, from pre- to post-deployment.

CCS can come up with a design that fits your current environment and meets all of your business needs. Additionally, we can help you effectively integrate Avaya IP Office with your existing solutions. Avaya and CCS services include risk assessments and procedures that contain costs and avoid disruption during the installation process. Learn more about installation services.


Once you've successfully implemented your Avaya solution, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure peak system performance. CCS and Avaya offer professional maintenance services for businesses of all sizes. As an Avaya partner, CCS provides onsite support to resolve any issues. In addition, Avaya maintenance coverage includes access to the Avaya Knowledge Base and the Avaya Support Website, which give you access to the information Avaya experts use to address support issues, and the most recent service packs for all Avaya products releases, including IP Office.

If your company has Avaya maintenance coverage, CCS can ensure that you have the necessary service for your equipment and your company's unique needs. With a customized IP Office maintenance plan from CCS, your business can increase productivity and ensure top-notch IP Office performance. Learn more about maintenance services.


Downtime can have costly consequences for your business, in addition to hurting your ability to provide reliable service to your customers. In fact, according to Avaya, the average communications outage results in a total of $385,000 in lost income. Support services from CCS and Avaya can help your business avoid downtime, provide more reliable customer support, and minimize lost revenue resulting from outages.

Let CCS help you pick the Avaya support plan that best fits your needs. Support plan elements can include standard business coverage, project planning, 24/7 Avaya maintenance, and much more. Learn more about CCS and Avaya support services.


Even if you install IP Office successfully and have best-in-class support services, you won't fully benefit from the system unless your employees are properly trained in how to use it. CCS and Avaya can help with professional end user and administrative training services.

CCS provides onsite and remote training to help administrators, end users, receptionists/operators, call center agents, and others use Avaya solutions as effectively as possible. Avaya resources such as Avaya Learning and the Avaya Support Website also offer educational materials and training to ensure your employees have a thorough understanding of how to use the system. Learn more about Avaya professional training services.


To achieve optimal IP Office operations, your business needs access to upgrades. Companies that receive Avaya IP Office Software Support get access to major software upgrade licenses. Additionally, skilled technicians from CCS can assist you with upgrading your Avaya IP Office system.

Be sure to reach out to CCS for help with IP Office upgrades. Businesses need access to expert support services in order to upgrade successfully and keep IP Office performing optimally. Learn more about Avaya upgrades.

Avaya IP Office Software Support (IPOSS)

Avaya IP Office Software Support (IPOSS) gives companies with IP Office access to the Avaya Support Website - which includes the Avaya Knowledge Base, access to the Avaya virtual support agent, Ava, and the option to consult with live Avaya agents.

IPOSS also gives businesses the option to take advantage of additional services, such as remote support 24/7/365 and advance parts replacement. CCS experts can help you decide which add-on services are a good fit for your organization. Learn more about how your business can benefit from Avaya IPOSS.

For more information about Avaya professional services, contact the CCS sales team today: sales@convergedsystems.com.

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