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What are managed solutions?

Managed solutions can be considered any technology solution that is not managed internally to your business. Converged Communication Systems provides fully managed telephony and infrastructure support services to businesses that don't have the time to spend on managing their phone system, router, firewall, or data switching network. In addition, businesses seeking full IT help desk and Server support and management work with our IT division which allows businesses to focus on more profitable activities and other projects more focused on building your core business and less on the day-to-day support needs that every businesses technology infrastructure requires.

Why are managed solutions becoming popular?

Managed solutions allow businesses to not worry about daily maintenance and support related matters. It allows them to have peace of mind that a responsive organization is there proactively responding to critical maintenance issues as well as ready to support moves, adds, and changes. All businesses require different technologies in order to operate effectively. Obtaining expertise and technology certifications to best support solutions such as your phone system, router, switches, firewall, desktops, line of business applications, and servers, is typically required for optimum support. Outsourcing your technology support services to a managed provider such as Converged Communication Systems allows your team access to a team of technology professionals ready and equipped to support you in the most responsive manner possible.

Managed solutions such as Managed Servers and Managed Backup are becoming more prevalent. Why?

It's simple. These solutions are less susceptible to outages and failures as managed solution providers have mechanisms in place to prevent against single component failures. In addition, managed solutions are maintained by the managed solution provider; whereas your business provides the daily administration on the solution. This eliminates issues if the device were to fail as the managed solution provider would be responsible to resolve. In addition, the managed solution provider extends their team of engineers in order to support your solution. The disadvantages are that you will continue to pay for the solution and never own it and the performance of the solution is based on your internet connectivity to the outside world as these solutions are ideally located in a data center somewhere throughout the world. Businesses that look to move applications or servers outside their facility tend to overlook performance as bandwidth upgrades are highly encouraged in order to perform at the same level or better.

Would my business benefit in moving to a data center?

If you haven't reviewed the benefits of leveraging a data center, colocation, or managed infrastructure solution for your business now is a great time to do so as pricing has become extremely competitive and supply continues to grow. Talk to one of our consultants to discuss how leveraging one of these technologies or solutions may help your business. We review your existing IT environment, performance of existing applications, future roadmap, remote and home working scenarios, as well as other business objectives such as compliances and disaster recovery. This allows us to map out your business and provide a roadmap for your technology. As technology gets outdated you can upgrade it or migrate to a data center, colo, or Infrastructure as a Service solution (IaaS). To put it into simple terms, moving to a data center is similar to re-locating your telco and data room that houses all your business critical servers, applications, and infrastructure to a more redundant location that has access to more services such as power, cooling, voice and internet at a more economical pricing structure.

Who will help you migrate to a managed solution or data center?

Businesses can rely on Converged Communication Systems to provide partial or full migration services. Our team of engineers reviews existing infrastructure and maps out a migration strategy. We leverage best-in-class migration tools and best practices to minimize service disruptions when assisting your firm to move to the desired solution.

Some managed solutions we offer include:
  • Managed Servers
  • Managed Infrastructure
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Data Center
  • Colocation
  • (BDR) Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Fully Managed Phone Systems
  • Cloud Firewall

If you are interested in managed solutions for your business, we can help you find the best solution that will meet your business needs. Call us at (877) 598-3999 or email us at sales@convergedsystems.com.

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