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What is TEM (Telecom Expense Management)?

Telecom Expense Management is ultimately managing your voice, wireless and data environment with the purpose of reducing both risk and cost. Without proper management of telecom expenses, costs can quickly become astronomical. With a proper telecom expense management solution, costs go down. There are many components of a telecom expense management solution, typically including:

  • Wireless Management: At times it can be difficult to spend time and research on purchasing decisions within mobile telecommunications for a business, as typically those decision-makers are also taking on other responsibilities. With wireless expense management, more informed decisions can be made within a business' mobile strategy as they are based on factors including usage and spend reports.
  • Invoice Management: Properly identify invoice errors and accelerate invoice processing while eliminating billing errors and late fees typically associated with lengthy payment processing times.
  • Cost Allocation: When spending money on telecom expenses, it's important to know precisely where the money is being spent. With cost allocation, businesses can see which users need more phone-time or data and which users need less so that resources are properly allocated.
  • Wireless Optimization/ Cellular Optimization: A complete overview of mobile/cellular plans examining inventory, whether employee's needs are being met, and what solution is best moving forward.
  • Asset Management: Telecom inventory is managed in real-time, so you are consistently aware of what you have and what you may or may not need.
Benefits of Telecom Expense Management:
  • Cost Savings: Telecom Expense Management saves your business money by aiding your team in the management of costs for all voice and data services. Not only is inventory accurately kept track of, but additionally the assessments and reports help to allocate where money should and should not be spent, eliminating unnecessary costs. Not only do you find that you save on telecom expenses with TEM, but additionally you improve profits overall.
  • Reduced Risk: With a greater accuracy in tracking and reporting, there is less room for error and violation of business policy and/or regulatory compliance.
  • Streamline Operations: By taking away the intricate burden of managing telecom expenses, personnel can be properly allocated to focus on what they're best at. Not only will employees spend their time more efficiently, but with fulfillment, auditing, payment processes and asset management being streamlined, productivity increases and downtime decreases.
  • More customized plans: There is no one-size-fits-all solution for telecom expense management. Whatever your business needs may be, there is a plan that can be custom-tailored for you. From building up your network and telecommunications solution, to then managing the expenses associated with it, there are endless possibilities that will work in your favor.

With today's mobility it makes it difficult for one individual to oversee the telecom expenses. For mid-to-large enterprises who have dialtone, usage costs, multiple site costs, mobile phones, cellular usage 3G/4G/5G, tablet usage and hotspots can make juggling the management of these devices difficult and more than a 40 hour job per week. Let the consultants at Converged help your business deploy a solution that allows you to easily manage all your telecom expenses in an easy to use portal. Call us at (877) 598-3999 or email us at sales@convergedsystems.com.

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