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What is cloud hosting?

Out of all of the cloud computing technologies, cloud hosting is perhaps one of the most innovative that has come about. Cloud hosting allows an unlimited number of machines act as a single system. With cloud hosting, businesses reap many benefits. Not only can websites be hosted within a cloud, but so can applications, phone systems, and much more. Cloud hosting essentially unifies all of your communications and technology into a single place, without needing to maintain hardware and the environments to keep hardware working properly. The easiest way to think of cloud hosting is to think of it as a virtual storage unit that houses all that you need it to, without the risk of downtime.

Benefits of cloud hosting:
  • Reliability: Since hosting in the cloud is a virtual experience, you need not worry about any of the typical disasters that may cause your business down time. Cloud hosting is highly reliable and allows for redundancy/redundant sites which is suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Security: Depending on the cloud hosting solution, different options come with different levels of security. However, it's important to understand that the myth of cloud hosting being unsafe is untrue. With CCS, you can trust that everything you host within the cloud is completely secure.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, or needs change, cloud hosting is extremely flexible in that it can grow as needed.
  • Flexibility: With data being hosted in the cloud, you essentially have access to your information at any given point in time, anywhere in the world.
  • Cost efficiency: Not only is your business saving on the costs of hardware, but it is also saving money by not needing to maintain servers or hardware. If you had hardware on-site, you would need to keep it maintained with cooling costs and a storage room.
Clients Options:
  1. On-Premise Technology: When utilizing on-premise technology, solutions are feature rich and customized to the client so that your business needs are met.
  2. Private Technology: This option, similar to on-premise technology, is feature rich and customized to client needs. However, operating applications are moved to a data center or co-lo (colocation).
  3. Public Cloud Technology: A public option provides more limited features, but is highly scalable for business growth and changing needs.
Different types of cloud hosting:
  • Application hosting: To run on-premise applications, businesses typically have to both build and maintain their infrastructure. With cloud application hosting, applications are easily integrated and accessed seamlessly as they are hosted on the internet. Not only does hosting applications in the cloud save money, but it also saves time. Converged Communication Systems provides extensive options that allow your business to get what it needs from hosted applications.
    • Managed Desktop and Desktop Virtualization: With managed desktop services, desktop computers are centrally managed by using an automated process.
    • Applications Hosted:
      • Quickbooks Hosted
      • ACT! CRM
      • Cloud Security
      • Cloud PBX and Phone System
      • Cloud Email (Stratosphere Offer)
      • Hosted Spam (Stratosphere Offer)
      • Avaya Live - Audio, Video, Mobile, and Desktop Collaboration
    • Cloud Backup (Stratosphere Offer): Rather than being backed up to tape or other methods, we offer an option that backs your business up to the cloud so that you have a solid backup and disaster recovery plan.
    • Cloud Storage (Stratosphere Offer): Whether you simply need cloud storage for backing up your current data, or to store your data as a whole, we offer a variety of cloud storage options that is flexible to your business needs.
    • Cloud Collaboration (Stratosphere Offer): As time goes on, workforces become more mobile. It's important to be able to access files and documents at any given moment. Cloud collaboration offers flexibility allowing multiple employees to work on a project at the same time, leading to the ultimate collaboration.
      • Citrix FileShare (Stratosphere Offer)
      • Soonr (Stratosphere Offer)
  • IT Infrastructure and Application
    • Private cloud hosting: A private cloud provides all benefits provided by a cloud solution, but instead additionally dedicates resources in your private cloud server environment. This solution allows for a completely customized private cloud, and gives clients complete control over the allocation of resources.
    • Managed server hosting: Servers are managed and hosted at your service provider's site, allowing for complete end-to-end management. Essentially your servers are being proactively monitored and effectively cared for.
    • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): In an IaaS solution, we will host your hardware, servers, storage, software, and any other necessary infrastructure components. Typically IaaS platforms provide highly scalable resources with on-demand adjustment. Additionally, IaaS environments automate administrative tasks and provide desktop virtualization. This is more of a pay-as-you-go model than other options available.

If you are interested in utilizing cloud hosting for your business, or simply have questions about cloud hosting, email us at sales@convergedsystems.com or give us a call at (877) 598-3999.

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