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When running a business, it's important to keep focused on your job and not on services that can easily be managed by Converged Communication Systems and our partner Stratosphere Networks, a multifaceted IT managed service provider that delivers high-quality technology solutions. Not only is quality increased, but so is productivity and there is an apparent decrease in downtime.

Benefits of Managed Services Providers:
  • Cost efficiency: With managed services providers, you no longer have to pay for employees to spend extra time on trying to fix and troubleshoot your systems and network. Not only are we ensuring everything on the backend is running properly, but we additionally come out and install, maintain, and provide support for your services and hardware.
  • Dependability: Our staff at CCS are constantly monitoring your network and phone systems to ensure that your business is always up and running. We provide comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plans, and with our managed services we will take care of everything necessary behind the scenes to keep your business running smoothly.
  • More complex and comprehensive solutions: Our managed services are as complex and comprehensive as necessary as we customize your solutions to be tailored to your business' specific needs.
  • Reduced downtime: Since CCS experts are monitoring your system; we ensure that your business doesn't experience downtime by providing alerts and backup solutions if anything may happen.
  • Improved security: Managed services packages typically include a cohesive security solution, including availability of a solution to monitor your firewall, patch updates, and more.
Some of the support services we can provide include:
  • Telephony Solutions: Often times, people think of managed services being mostly for IT. However, to have a more cohesive solution it is important to also have a managed phone system of telephony solution. There are many benefits and features specific to managed telephony solutions and managed phone systems, including phone system maintenance, support, and more.
    • Phone System Maintenance: Phone systems are not made to last forever. It's important to maintain and upkeep them by consistently updating and troubleshooting them. Instead of spending valuable time on trying to figure out why your phone system isn't working, or whether or not you need a new one, let CCS' team of experts maintain your phone system for you so that you never experience unnecessary downtime and your business is always available for phone calls.
    • Fully Managed Telephony Support: In addition to maintenance, it's important to have support from experts. At CCS, we have a team of dedicated telephony professionals ready to assist you with any support you may need.
    • Some solutions include:
      • Remote Only Support
      • Parts and Labor
      • 8x5 Support
      • 24x7 Support
      • 4 Hour Response
      • NBD Next Business Day
      • Proactive monitoring
      • Moves, additions, and changes
  • Infrastructure: As a building is only as strong as its foundation, a business is only as efficient as its infrastructure. With managed services, your infrastructure will be customized to meet your business needs, with increased security and improved performance.
    • Routers: With a managed router, your business receives complete management of its network, resulting in increased productivity, cost-efficiency, and the elimination of network slowdowns.
    • Firewalls: Managed firewall protection ensures that unwanted Internet traffic is blocked, keeping your company safe and its network running.
    • Switches: These are devices that channel incoming data from input ports to a specific output port which will take the data to its destination. Having switches within a business infrastructure helps things run more smoothly.
    • Network Accelerators or WAN Accelerators: Also known as a WAN optimizer, WAN accelerators essentially speed up and enhance a business' end-user experience through bandwidth optimization and more.
  • Servers: To ensure that your business' technology needs are always met, your servers are constantly managed and monitored by our team of experts. Some servers we support, manage and monitor include:
    • Microsoft, Linux, Unix
    • SAN (Storage Area Network)
  • Application Support: Additionally, we provide complete application management and support. Some we work with/provide support for include:
    • SQL
    • Sharepoint
    • Lync and Skype for Business
    • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Microsoft Server
    • Apple
    • CRM
    • ERP and ERM
    • SAP
  • Carrier Service Support and Proactive Monitoring for Dialtone and Internet Services Technologies:
    • MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching): Utilizing managed MPLS services allow for seamless communications among multiple business sites/locations.
    • VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service): With a managed VPLS, your business receives an Ethernet-based service that provides support to geographically distributed Ethernet LANs by using MPLS as the transporting network.
    • IP VPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network): A VPN over IP unifies a business' offices and end-users over a single private network.
    • Site-to-site: It's important that each site can communicate with one another easily and efficiently so that your business is truly collaborating and being productive.
    • SIP (Session Initiation Protocol): SIP trunking uses VoIP to establish a connection of a PBX to the Internet.
    • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): Voice over IP is a high quality voice service that offers robust features while remaining cost-effective.
    • Fiber: For businesses in need of the fastest Internet service available, we can provide managed Fiber Internet to give your company a competitive edge.

Converged Communication Systems provides full end-to-end Managed Services for businesses of all sizes and all industries. Our team of certified and experienced technology professionals can support your businesses day to day needs from support or emergency related issues and/or moves, adds, and changes. Contact us today by emailing sales@convergedsystems.com or by calling (877) 598-3999.

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