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Today's employees are increasingly mobile. With a growing portion of the workforce out of the office on a regular basis, businesses face the challenge of fostering free flowing collaboration without face-to-face interaction. Traditional enterprise communications structures - i.e., separate, location-specific solutions for different modes of contact - prove costly to adapt, difficult to manage and ultimately inadequate when it comes to supporting and boosting the performance of companies with an anywhere, anytime approach. In order to address the need for an integrated, multimodal communications infrastructure, Avaya developed the Avaya Aura Platform.

By leveraging a unique Session Initiation Protocol application, Aura can adapt to its users' various needs, devices and locations and give them the ability to collaborate more effectively with coworkers and customers alike. Aura's combination of open industry standards, centrally managed infrastructure, granular control and scalability to promote better performance has led to its implementation at thousands of companies. Converged Communication Systems, an Avaya business partner and leading unified communication solutions provider, provides design, implementation, cutover, training, maintenance and support services that can help your company realize the benefits of using Aura.

The Avaya Aura Platfrom's next-generation infrastructure includes the following key elements to enhance engagement and business performance:

  • The Avaya Aura Session Manager lets businesses manage multimedia interactions and users across complex networks that involve third-party systems as well as Avaya. With the Session Manager, your company can provide real-time communication abilities to users in any location, in addition to integrating your PBX with other communications systems.
  • In combination with the Session Manager, the Communication Manager provides the groundwork for real-time voice and video interactions. It's flexible enough to work with various devices, ranging from SIP to legacy digital and analog. Overall, the Communication Manager offers over 700 unified communications services, such as messaging, multimedia conferencing and messaging, among many others.
  • Presence Services - an open standards-based, multi-protocol Aura component - provides a presence collection and distribution point for numerous clients and sources. In addition, Presence Services can operate and enable presence implementation across third party sources, such as Microsoft desktop applications.
  • Using virtualization, System Platform lets companies bring applications together in one server, a capability that lowers costs and simplifies processes such as installation, licensing, network utilities, backup and more.
  • System Manager serves as a centralized, browser-based, secure and integrated network management tool. With the System Manager, network administrators can implement a common, enterprise-wide management framework that boosts data consistency, accelerates deployment and reduces the overall cost of ownership.
  • Session Border Controller for Enterprise supports enterprise SIP trunking requirements and uses advanced features to secure real-time communications beyond a business's internal network. It also has an optional remote worker capability.
  • Application Enablement Services connect the Communication Manager to external applications. Software developers can create client applications using the Application Enablement Services tool and allow customers to integrate Avaya Aura and a wide range of business applications.

The Avaya Aura platform also promotes engagement using the following advanced applications for video, voice, messaging, conferencing, mobility and more:

  • The Avaya Communicator unified communications client provides a single contemporary user experience, whether you're using it from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. The Communicator adjusts interactions to the user's personal profile, including factors such as location, operating system and type of device. It can also combine with other tools and allows for a wide range of collaboration methods - from voice to video to instant messaging, and beyond.
  • Avaya Aura Messaging allows for user-friendly, intuitive control of email, voicemails, and FAX.
  • Go beyond basic instant messaging and presence with Avaya Multimedia Messaging, an application that can send audio, video, text, pictures and other types of files - allowing for more productive interactions between workers on a one-on-one or multiparty basis. Conversations can also include users on various devices (mobile phones, tablets or desktops).
  • DevConnect Applications address specific customer needs and vertical market requirements in order to help businesses make the most of the Avaya Aura Platform.
  • Avaya Aura Conferencing delivers enterprise-grade multi-modal conferencing for audio, video, and web-based collaboration.
  • Employees across your business can access cost-effective, high-definition video capabilities using Avaya Scopia Video Solutions.

Overall, the Avaya Aura Platform's many valuable features and applications have the potential to drive more productive and effective collaboration and add value to businesses seeking an enterprise engagement solution. To learn more about this Avaya solution, email us at CommunicationSolutions@convergedsystems.com.

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