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Finding the right business telephone service provider can be a challenging feat for any business. Picking the right service provider to meet your business needs can take a lot of research. Converged Communication Systems works with all providers nationwide and international to find the right best provider that will meet your business needs whether your business has a single location or multiple sites. If you are looking to add a new site, moving to a new location, coming to the end of your existing agreement or simply looking to review technologies available, the Converged team can assist and provide you an unbiased approach to selecting the right telephone service provider for your companies voice needs.

Picking a provider:

Picking the right business telephone service provider is a decision that should be made with great consideration. There are many factors to consider when choosing which provider to go with including:

  • How soon you need service: Some service providers take longer than others to get service started, depending on which phone service you choose.
  • Geography: Not all providers have a nationwide footprint or service your local city. At CCS, we can locate which service providers can provide you coverage and can then narrow which to choose by identifying business needs.
  • Pricing: While all providers are generally similar in pricing structure, each provider has different usage fees. Some include voice bundles; while others provide per minute usage fees. It's important to remember that the cheapest option isn't always the best. We can help you decide which option is best and most cost-efficient for you.
  • Local Calling Plan: With newer telephone service it is commonplace today for providers to include bundled / free minutes within their locally defined calling zones. Each calling zone varies from provider to provider. If you still have traditional phone service such as POTs lines or traditional PRI services you are most likely being charged a usage fee. If this is the case, it's a great time to review newer dialtone technologies and solutions.
  • Long Distance: If your business expects to make a lot of long distance calling (out of state), focus your attention on Long Distance minutes and usage charges. Many service providers offer bundles so that your business isn't spending too much on long distance calls.
  • International Rates: For companies that perform a lot of international calling, CCS can help review the providers' rate cards and see which option is best for them.
  • Service and Support: Is your business M-F 8x5 or are you open extended hours, weekends or 24x7? Some lower-cost more local or regional providers have a lower overhead as they have less support options for after traditional business standard hours. By finding the best service provider for your phone service, you can assure you have the right amount of support.
  • Features: Are there any additional features your business can benefit from that might be available or bundled into a newer provider? For example, if you are used to Remote Call Forward (RCF) by touch tones you can simply turn on RCF by logging into an online portal. Outage alerts can also be setup from a portal perspective. Or if your business has other bundled needs for IT solutions this might be another way to consolidate resources and save money.
  • Internet: When reviewing your voice solutions, it's also strategic to review your internet connections. Currently, more and more providers are consolidating voice and data services to provide you a single circuit or connection to deliver both voice and internet services, so it's best to plan on bundling these or at least consider doing so.
  • Future Growth: What are your future growth plans for your existing location(s)? Are you planning on opening in other markets and does the provider service that market locally? Businesses that are expecting growth should have a fully scalable solution in the event that they grow bigger and their needs change. CCS can help find a business telephone service solution that can grow with your business.
  • Bandwidth Growth Needs: Businesses grow and so do their bandwidth needs. It's important to have a 1, 2, and 3 year outlook so that agreements can be tailored to that anticipated growth.
  • Speed to Deliver: When deciding on which business telephone service provider to choose, it's important to keep in mind what speeds you will need to meet your business needs. Some businesses need higher speeds than others, and different providers offer different delivery speeds and different prices. CCS can help you weigh your options and find a solution that's best for your business needs.
  • Client Portal and Online Services: Are you seeking a client portal? Different service providers provide online billing portals and ticket management, and some don't.
  • Hidden/Overlooked Fees: When choosing a provider, it's important to ensure that you've reviewed all costs, including taxes and other hidden costs.
  • Product Offerings: Some providers focus more on small businesses, medium-sized, and large enterprises. It's important to choose a provider that tailors solutions to your business size. Some businesses with multiple sites tend to choose MPLS services, and not every provider offers MPLS. We can help you find a provider that offers services best fit to your business size and needs.
  • Outages: While any provider is prone to service outages, some have more outages than others. Here at CCS, we understand the importance of decreasing downtime and want to ensure that whichever services or voice solutions your business utilizes is going to decrease downtime. Since our specialists are knowledgeable on all service providers, your business gains additional value by truly talking about an unbiased approach to picking the right service provider for your business. We can help you design dual voice networks in case of a primary voice outage to keep your business up and running.

Don't spend valuable time researching and choosing a business telephone service provider that may or may not meet your business needs. Our team of Account Executives will help you locate the right provider. Contact our team at sales@convergedsystems.com or by calling (877) 598-3999.

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