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The Evolution of Business Internet: Discovering What a 100 Meg can do for your business

The cloud revolution is here! All firms are utilizing at least 1 cloud technology and/or have some of their technology infrastructure residing in a data center, co-location, or at another site. Connecting the mobile work force and extending applications without compromising performance is an important initiative for all businesses. Managed infrastructure such as dedicated servers to run critical line of business applications has become a more common design for some businesses. Big data and the necessity of getting to this data offsite as well as implementing a Backup and Disaster recovery (BDR) plan that involves an offsite store is extremely critical to all businesses and the speed at which this information is accessed has become the focus.

The challenge with older copper and coax technologies is that these have become more expensive to maintain and support as well as have more failures and the amount of bandwidth that can be provided over this medium is very limited. Service providers are not building copper networks anymore and have their sites set on Fiber network and wireless network updates. While these technologies provide larger bandwidth and better internet connectivity, the price to build out the service provider network as well as getting these solutions to clients facilities quick and economically are at times costly. Newer service providers have flooded the market to focus on laying the foundation and are niched to provide fiber or wireless connections.

What if I decide to move my line of business application or server outside my business?

Many businesses are considering moving their line of business applications or servers outside their business but don't fully grasp the impact that this may have. Imagine if you physically moved an important application outside your business; what will it do to your clients, prospects, end-users, and overall work flow process? General use case studies and performance studies with groups of end-users should be reviewed in order to get an accurate understanding on how this will impact your business.

What is your current internet connection?

When you move any line of business application or server outside your business it becomes internet dependent. This means if you have a 3M, 10M, 50M, etc., you will more than likely need to review your internet connection as well as your core IT infrastructure that connects your business to the outside. Keep in mind, your end-user PC's connect to your on premise application server in the back room at speeds of generally 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps. To properly simulate a server move outside your business it is feasible to get an internet connection that is 100 Mbps in nature. If you have a 100 Mbps today, you must make accommodations to address expansion of that connection.

Do you have a mobile work force or remote sites?

Remote workers and remote sites currently access your businesses line or business application typically located at your headquarters, so moving to a larger internet connection makes immediate sense. This will have large impact on your businesses productivity.

What is your business roadmap?

Reviewing future growth plans as well as your technology upgrade plan might help your business plan for larger internet connections as it's a must. As your business grows, it's important to ensure that your technology grows with it.

Plan Ahead!

When businesses go to a Fiber connection, delivery of fiber for locations with no fiber access will take 6 months. The provider needs to complete a facilities upgrade and deliver the fiber connection. Businesses typically have to be trenched and cored to deliver a protective conduit to deliver this technology. Special wall field and power requirements will need to be provided to terminate the new fiber.

Data Centers Making Access Easy

More and more data centers are popping up through the world. This allows businesses to gain access to data centers to have better access to public and private applications as well as drive down usage costs.

Fiber connections to data centers provide businesses with big data needs for application providers such as:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • CloudFlare
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace Hosting
  • ServersAustralia
  • Hosted PBX and Phone System Providers
  • Less Expensive Voice Services
  • Direct connects allowing faster Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Telephony Providers and Solutions Going SIP

While VoIP solutions revolutionized the telephony industry, leveraging SIP technologies for telephony solutions and dialtone is more common these days. SIP lowers voice costs as well as provides other features such as burstable voice services for retail or seasonal businesses while all riding over the 100 Meg connection. Businesses that have legacy infrastructure can still benefit as providers install a router that converts the IP connection to a traditional voice handoff - POTS lines or voice PRI T1. Any business can benefit from converting to SIP for dialtone.

100 Meg and Fiber is more reliable

Once your business goes with a fiber connection it will have less outages based on the technology that is leveraged in a 100 Meg and Fiber design. Fewer points of failure as well as newer infrastructure and betting proactive monitoring mechanisms will allow businesses to have decreased outages.

End-User Performance is everything!

Providing quicker internet speeds for your business will positively impact your end-users, clients and prospects. Don't forget that if you do look to go to a larger connection you must address your IT infrastructure as firewalls have been recently updated to allow larger bandwidth connections; therefore, your business may have to update your firewall otherwise you may have performance or a bottleneck.

For more information about 100 Meg and fiber connections please contact our sales team by emailing sales@convergedsystems.com or by calling (877) 598-3999.

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