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Our streamlined processes and quality assurance mechanisms allow our technology professionals to succeed in every engagement when it comes to solution implementation and installation. The biggest challenges when deploying a new product or solution include a lack of checks and balances during preparation, hiccups when cutting over, and what's going to happen after the fact (post-installation). CCS has created an end-to-end process that minimizes issues, if it doesn't completely eliminate them before they occur.

The key ingredient for optimal implementation and installation is what goes on beforehand: The preparation phase is crucial to solution deployments. Our customized yet streamlined approach to the implementation and installation process assures clients that we can successfully meet their expectations with minimal business disruption. In addition, our deployment strategy gives our post-installation maintenance and support team access to the information they need to quickly understand our clients' customized environments and provide rapid responses when change orders or issues arise.

Phone System Implementations

Our team of telephony professionals work with you and your existing solution to identify your needs and set a baseline of functionality. The assigned project manager then takes a deep dive into enhancements and/or recommendations to boost your business processes, which will increase productivity for your end users and callers alike. All solutions are pre-staged, pre-configured, and tested prior to implementation. Our onsite technicians get a good understanding of how your current solution is laid out and work to intelligently migrate your organization to the newer solution. Our onsite and remote trainers guide your end users and admins through the adoption of the new solution. After installation, your assigned project manager works with your admin to assist with any tweaks your setup needs.

Systems and Solution Integration Implementations

Each client's setup and needs are unique. Clients regularly ask if technologies such as CRM or client databases, screen pops, end user computers, cloud applications and other critical business applications can be integrated into the product or solution they're purchasing. Our team of solution engineers works to answer those questions by reviewing our clients' needs and creating plans to integrate multiple solutions. Additionally, our professional services team and implementation engineers work hand-in-hand to assist clients and ensure success with unique implementations.

Network Infrastructure Implementations

Whether you're considering a new network infrastructure deployment or simply looking to upgrade your existing network infrastructure, our team of certified networking engineers can help with designing, planning, and migrating your IT infrastructure to a more current solution.

Access to bigger bandwidth has driven down business Internet costs. Consequently, implementing a new firewall has become a common occurrence. In addition, security is a top concern for all businesses, so it's important to ensure your firewall can handle new threats, as well as IPS/IDS. When it comes to data switch and managed switch implementations, our team of network professionals will review your existing setup and business needs in order to design and implement a solution customized for your company. This will ensure proper handling of the performance of your end users and critical business applications. Firms with multiple locations and heavy remote workforces may require implementation services to allow VPN Concentration, in addition to optimal routing of critical data throughout the entire enterprise.

Wireless and WiFi Implementations

With the increasing prevalence of mobile devices, all companies face higher demand and requirements for WiFi and wireless connections. Our team of wireless professionals can perform a basic site survey to identify client coverage requirements. We can also carry out a more advanced analytical WiFi survey to pinpoint the exact locations of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) in order to provide you with an optimum coverage map for your location.

Our implementation services include a comprehensive approach to WiFi deployments. This typically includes cabling (i.e. CAT3, CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, and fiber cabling) services based on the required coverage and survey results. The CCS WiFi deployment approach also involves installing power over Ethernet (PoE) data switches to power the wireless access points, and configuring and implementing the WiFi controller customized for your business. Finally, our team conducts full site testing with clients.

Video and Collaboration Implementations

Video and Web collaboration has become an increasingly attractive productivity tool for businesses looking to improve business communications, enhance peer collaboration and drive down travel costs. Our implementation team configures and sets up each solution based on each client's case and implements the solution for optimal results. Full end user training on these tools significantly increases end user adoption. Our install team also provides additional mobile device assistance with deployment to end user mobile solutions, allowing workers to take advantage of these solutions no matter where they are.

These are only a few of the types of implementations we perform on a regular basis. Contact us at (877) 598-3999 or email us at sales@convergedsystems.com for more information on our implementation and migration services.

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