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About: Regardless the size of your business, Windstream Communications has Unified Communications Solutions that will meet your communication needs.

Implementation of Windstream's Unified Communications solutions increases efficiency within the workplace and allows for great customer service. Services include:

Voice Solutions:

VoIP & SIP: With the integration of both voice and data services over one connection, costs are reduced and efficiency is maximized. A variety of options are available to ensure your businesses' specific needs are met.

  • Integrated T1 Service: A single package that has a fixed price so that your business can be more productive while remaining cost-efficient. With an Integrated T1 plan, you choose which voice, Internet, and networking services you need and they are centralized onto one connection. Features include:
    • Two toll-free numbers
    • Professional equipment installation
    • Dedicated internet access with fast upload and download speeds
    • 1,000 free domestic long distance minutes (additional minutes available)
    • Many local service features
  • Virtual PBX VoIP Solution: High-speed Internet and a business phone system cloud based solution This service provides all VoIP and data equipment with professional installation, maintenance, and support. Features include:
    • Dedicated Internet with speeds up to 20 Mbps (higher speeds available)
    • Fast uploads and downloads
    • IP telephones with HD voice
    • Auto Attendtant, Intercom, Music On Hold, and Speed Dial features
    • Call forwarding that can forward calls to up to 3 numbers
    • Web portal that allows for easy modifications in feature management
  • Dynamic IP VoIP Service: Windstream offers advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. This service allows your business to take advantage of a converged VoIP network while keeping and utilizing your existing phone system. With this service you have bandwidth on demand features so that your bandwidth is properly allocated. Features include:
    • Dedicated Internet with speeds up to 20 Mbps (higher speeds available)
    • Fast uploads and downloads
    • Voice services with long distance and robust calling features
    • 30 company email addresses
    • Combination of voice, data and Internet
    • On demand use of voice and data
    • Voice prioritization
    • Delivery over secure network
    • Call forwarding and 3-way calling
    • Domain Name Services
    • SIP functionality
  • IP Simple Managed Unified Communications: This solution is best for small to medium-size businesses (SMBs), as it is provides end-to-end voice and data solutions from a single provider. IP Simple combines IP-based services like Internet and MPLS VPN with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) with an IP Simple solution that is customized to your businesses' size and needs. Features include:
    • Business Phone Systems:
      • Allworx 6x Phone System for up to 60 users
      • Allworx 48x Phone System for up to 250 users
    • Support and regular maintenance
    • Flexibility: Choose which hardware and software is best for your business
    • Equipment System End-of-Contract options
      • Renew IP Phone system rental at a negotiated rate
      • Purchase
      • Upgrade

Managed Unified Communications: Windstream Managed UC is the integration of VoIP and traditional Internet services, allowing your businesses technologies to be managed on a single plan and interface. Features include: PBX system integration, UCaaS, integration of voice, IM chat, faxes, voice messaging, e-mail, text, and web conferencing becomes a single simplified unified solution, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency.

  • UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service): A unified communications solution that integrates multi-media, voice, unified messaging, mobility and presence management onto a cloud platform. Features include:
    • Integration with existing system and 3rd party applications
    • Pay-as-you-go
    • Access to top of the industry infrastructure: Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and Shortel

Unified Email Management (UEM): Mimecast UEM from Windstream is an email management solution that is cloud-cased, and manages email continuity, security, and archiving. Features include:

  • Secure infrastructure with offsite cloud-based email archive
  • Mobile apps available for: Android phones, Blackberry smartphones, iPhone, and Windows Phone
  • Spam and malware protection
  • Real-time view and reporting of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) connections and email usage
  • Data Leak Prevention policy management
  • Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
  • Mimecast UEM Express: Email access to 58 days
  • Mimecast UEM Enterprise: Email archiving up to 99 years

Web & Audio Conferencing: Windstream provides conferencing services that allow you to meet online- saving time and money without having to leave the office.

  • Audio Conferencing:
    • Global connections
    • Up to 150-line subscriptions
    • Multi-level passcodes for conference security
    • Conference portal
    • Single Dial-In and Flexible Access: allows for reservation-less audio conferencing
  • Web Conferencing:
    • On-Demand Record or Play Back
    • Q & A features
    • Meeting management with online commands
    • Point-and-click user interface
  • High-Definition Video Conferencing:
    • Video-over-IP solutions
    • HD full 1080p video
    • Lower bandwidth usage than comparable video conferencing systems

Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Collaboration:

  • Migration and technical support
  • 99.999% uptime
  • ActiveSync, Lync Secure Instant Messaging, Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint 2013
  • Document collaboration and sharing
  • Sync email, calendars, contacts, and tasks to mobile devices

Hosted IVR & Enhanced Toll-free service: Toll-free voice services allow customers to contact you without outrageous costs. Features include:

  • Hosted Voice Integration
  • Call Routing
  • Online Visibility & Control
  • Custom Invoice Options

Network Solutions:

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching): Windstream provides businesses with multiple locations centralized networking services.

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN):
    • Fully managed equipment, routing, configuration, and security
    • Prioritization of voice or data through QoS (quality of service) levels:
      • Real-Time QoS: Delivers premium QoS to your site so that you can maintain your own VoIP network.
      • Mission Critical QoS: Data networking solution that provides highest priority treatment to customer defined traffic. This is best for credit card transactions as well as video conferencing.
      • Business Critical QoS: Data networking solution that provides priority treatment to data networking packets over Internet traffic.
      • Standard Data QoS: Data networking solution that enables sharing of data and Internet applications across all business locations.
    • Latency, jitter and packet loss
    • Fully-meshed network allows for regional sites to exchange data without using unnecessary bandwidth
  • Virtual LAN Service (VLS):
    • Ability to control your routing and IP addressing

Managed LAN / WAN: This service provides event management, monitoring, maintenance, and support services for enterprise that have more than 50 IP enable devices on premise. Features include:

  • 24/7 device monitoring and support
  • Qualified devices: routers, switches, wireless access points, wireless VPNs, Ethernet and firewalls
  • Customer Premises Equipment

Managed Router: This provides total management of your network so that you can remain focused on running your business. This option is cost-efficient, and eliminates network delays or slowdowns. Features include:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Firewall protection that blocks unwanted Internet traffic
  • Monthly router utilization reports
  • Configuration and change management
  • Professional router Installation and configuration

Managed Network Security: It's important to have not only a fast and reliable network, but also high security tactics in place to secure your network. With Windstream Managed Network Security, your business gets security with features including:

  • CPE or Cloud-Based delivery methods
  • Application control
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Unified Threat Management
  • DMZ management
  • Secure Wi-Fi access
  • Weekly security reports and security log storage
  • Updates to security when new threats are posed
  • VPN IP SEC tunnels and remote user access
  • Advanced routing options
  • Intrusion Detection Services
  • Security Operations Center

Advanced Application Reporting (AAR): Provides cohesive Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic over Windstream data network solutions. Allows for identification of users or applications that are using resources at what time periods so that performance problems are addressed and fixed more quickly. Features include:

  • MPLS World-Reach reporting
  • On-net and off-net
  • Management reports and many reporting intervals
  • Windstream services, collectors and polling devices
  • WAN application performance reporting
  • Bandwidth planning

If you are looking for telecom expense management assistance, want a free telecom audit, or are simply in need of having one of our telecom consultants review your bills, call our Converged Network Services team at 877-598-3999.

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