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About: Verizon for business is one of the world's leading providers of network and communications solutions for businesses from small-to-medium all the way up to enterprises. They provide innovative solutions to over 150 countries and 2,700 cities. Their services are most popular in New England, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and California. Their network is one of the most reliable out there so that your business never has to worry about downtime. No matter the size or industry of your business, there is a Verizon solution for you.

Networking Solutions: Verizon provides a large variety of networking services that are certain to meet your business needs. They have one of the largest and most reliable networks in the world and are recognized as a leader in Managed Global MPLS Services. Different services include the following:

  • Ethernet: This seamless networking solution allows your business to better connect multiple offices, businesses sites, and data centers over a single Ethernet Connection. There are several different options available:
    • Dedicated E-Line: Best for critical applications, this service provides high priority traffic routing. It allows you to increase and maintain business continuity and carry multiple different connections on just one access loop, and has the capability to transfer up to 1 Gb of data.
    • Switched E-LAN: This service is provides up to 10 Gb of reliable service with multipoint any-to-any connectivity over your customer domain.
    • Switched E-Line: This service is a private line replacement that provides real-time class of service.
    • Access Services with Ethernet Handoff: Utilizing Ethernet Handoff Verizon allows your business to receive connection for more than one Ethernet, Internet, or IP services over your businesses common platform. There are scalable bandwidth options from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps over 10 M, 100 M, or GigE user network interfaces (UNIs) with fast speeds.
  • Dedicated Internet Services: If your business is in need of secure and dedicated Internet access, Verizon provides Internet connectivity with dedicated bandwidth (options ranging from 1 Mbps all the way up to 10 Gbps). This option is best for businesses that rely heavily on Internet and data. Dedicated Internet from Verizon is also highly flexible and scalable to fit your businesses' growing demands as it expands. Features include:
    • High-speed Internet over Verizon's global IP network
    • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
    • Directs your network traffic so that specific applications get top priority, etc.
    • Proactive monitoring
    • 24/7 technical support
  • FiOS Internet for Business: This solution is Verizon's Fiber Optic Internet service. Fiber Internet is easily the fastest Internet solution for your business. This is best for businesses' that run enhanced business applications, stream video (video conferencing), all while handling calls. Not only does this service promote collaboration but increases productivity and business continuity. Features include:
    • Speeds available up to 500 Mbps (download and upload)
    • Easily runs your high-bandwidth applications
    • Allows for large electronic files to be sent at the same time
    • Utilizes Verizon's Fiber-Optic Network
    • 24/7 technical support
    • Professional Installation
  • Wavelength Services: This solution provides a strong and secure connectivity between your businesses' high-bandwidth locations. Over Verizon's wavelength services, your business can deliver big data as well as data-intensive apps through low-latency point-to-point connectivity between your business facilities. This service also provides backup and mirroring for your data-intensive applications. Features include:
    • OSI Layer 1 transport with low jitter delivery
    • DWDM (Dense wave division multiplexing) technology to provide low-latency connection
    • Flexible options ranging from 1 to 100 Gbps
  • Private IP: This service is MPLS-based and provides a complete IP solution that is private and secure. The service is over a VPN (virtual private network), so it is both cost-efficient and provides any-to-any IP connectivity. Features include:
    • High Scalability
    • Six classes of services for traffic prioritization
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Competitive SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • PIP Wireless: If your business is in need of Private IP services, but with mobility, Verizon provides a solution that combines the features of both Private IP and 4G LTE. Features include:
    • A corporate IP network that is supported by Verizon's 4G LTE services
    • Secure wireless access to business applications from your remote locations
    • Increased business continuity
    • Wireless back-up service
    • Dynamic routing for increased visibility and efficiency
  • Verizon Wireless Private Network: If your business is in need of on-the-go networking, Verizon provides a wireless private network solution with 4G LTE. This connection is secure and allows your employees to have access to internal company sites so that they can easily respond to customers, quickly upload data, and increase their productivity. Features include:
    • 4G LTE speeds
    • Information is kept secure and confidential via a high-speed data transmission
    • Wireless routers
    • Increased business continuity
  • Managed WAN: Having your wide area network (WAN) professionally managed by Verizon and CCS ensures that your business is always up and running and ready for any growth that may come your way. Features of this service include:
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • In-depth reporting
    • Physical management of equipment/hardware
    • Life-cycle monitoring
    • End-to-end management
Cloud and IT Infrastructure Solutions:
  • Data Colocation Services: To aid in the advancement and growth of your company, it is wise to centralize your servers and other IT and telecom hardware within a top-notch pre-existing data center. Not only does this save on costs of maintaining your equipment, but it ensures that your hardware and system is constantly secure and running. Features include:
    • Installation
    • Staging
    • Remote hands services
    • Network upkeep/maintenance
    • Inventory analysis
    • Equipment inspection and handling
  • Managed Hosting: For businesses in need of freed-up time and internal resources, Verizon provides server hosting.
  • Application Services: It's important that your applications are always running efficiently and as needed. They must be constantly monitored for security and performance. So that you have more time to run your business, Verizon and CCS offer application services that will keep your applications running at their full potential. Services include:
    • Application Management: This service focuses on providing complete end-to-end management of your applications. It ensures that they are running smoothly, maintains business continuity and resolves any problems that come about quickly with minimal downtime. There are a variety of different service level agreements so that you can decide what you need focus on at peak times. Cut on costs with this option.
    • Application Acceleration: If the way that your applications are running isn't up to par, you can speed them up with Application Acceleration by Verizon. Different solutions available:
      • Website Acceleration: This service makes web experiences much faster, which promotes a better user experience which leads to higher conversion rates, more page views, as well as an improvement in your brand's equity.
      • Mobile Acceleration: This service enhances mobile device experiences.
      • Media Delivery: This service increases speed and security of transmission of data like high-definition video and more to connected devices.
      • Internet Security: For business that need highly secure and protection from both DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-service) and web attacks on your applications, Verizon provides simplified Internet security solutions.
    • Application Performance Services: The start to increasing you application performance is first ensuring that you have a proper application infrastructure in place. Instead of spending time you don't have managing your applications, leave it to Verizon and CCS.
Mobility Solutions: Most businesses don't just do business within an office. It's important that your business and employees are on the move and ready for growth. Implementing a mobile solution enables your business to increase business continuity so that calls and emails can be answered anytime, anywhere.
  • Mobile Workforce Manager: Having mobile capability in your business is one thing, but it's another to make sure that mobile users can access what they need to immediately. This service utilizes the cloud to manage all data, apps, files or information that your employees may need to be productive. Advanced reporting is provided and security is top-notch.
  • Wireless Backup: Natural disasters occur all the time with no warning; don't let them slow down your business. With wireless backup your business continues running when your primary connection is lost because you have a wireless backup router over Verizon's 4G LTE network. Benefits include:
    • Decrease in downtime
    • Business continuity
    • Ability to set up new or temporary locations quickly
    • Easy access to information and apps that is stored in the cloud
  • Mobile Application Management: Having your employees able to go mobile is important, but it's also important that they have access to the most important applications that they would use typically on a laptop or PC. This service allows you to decide which programs and applications you need, and then they are available through a secure portal where employees can essentially "download" what they need to use. This includes productivity and increases performance levels. Features include:
    • High-level security so only authorized users can access applications
    • Simple account management
  • Voice Cypher- Voice Encryption: Regardless of your use of mobile capability, with Voice Cypher from Verizon encrypts voice and text so information is kept secure and private. Features include:
    • Voice Cypher Private Switch: This service allows you to manage your own private voice-calling and messaging network.
    • Voice Cypher Enterprise Gateway: This solution allows you to connect your business and employees to your office phone system to call landlines and/or access your PBX features including voicemail and conference calling.
    • Voice Cypher Conferencing: This service protects conference calls from unauthorized users and also gives you total control over any calls in progress.
Security Solutions: Once you have a seamless and efficient network into place, it's important that you keep it secure. Since you have to focus on running your business, It's a better idea to outsource your network and security solutions. Verizon provides a variety of different ways to keep your business and its' information and data secure.
  • Asset and Exposure Management: The less your business is exposed to potential attacks, the less likely you are to lose important data or customer information. This service strengthens your defense and takes a more preventative approach to security.
    • Vulnerability Management: One of the most preventative methods of security is defining your vulnerabilities before hackers do. This way your business can have proper security in place in areas it needs the most protection.
      • WhiteHat Sentinel Services: This service provides careful analysis of any vulnerabilities and gives you the control of managed your website security.
      • QualysGuard Scanning Services: This service automates network discovery and provides network and web application testing for vulnerabilities. It also includes remediation task management as well as advanced reporting.
    • Application Security: Web applications are a great asset to businesses and can certainly increase business productivity. However, they are an easy attack for hackers to gain access to your businesses' important systems and information/data. This service provides a team of experts that develop a strategy based off of data to prevent attacks to your web applications. It additionally provides backup and restore, system load balancing, and data bottlenecks and more.
    • Data Security: This service provides top-notch DLP (Data Loss Prevention) strategies to keep your business up and running and your confidential data secure.
  • Monitoring and Analytics: With proactive monitoring and data collection, potential threats are identified immediately, thus saving your business and its data from serious intrusion.
  • Incident Management and eDiscovery: This service strengthens your security plan as a whole. Included in this solution is:
    • Investigative Response: When attacks happen, it's important to know why and where they came from. With security professionals, you will have a team that is trained in fraud investigation to not only identify the source of threats, but to prevent future threats and keep your company sage. Included:
      • Recovery of electronic data lost in a breach
      • Fraud-trend analytics
      • Incident escalation hotline and portal access
    • E-Discovery: These services allow for a quick and simple way to discover evidence and respond to any legal matters that may come about. With this, Verizon and CCS help your business collect, retain, and keep your data safe. There are two components:
      • E-Discovery Readiness: This service refines your infrastructure by gathering infrastructure and data requirements.
      • E-Discovery Response: This service provides critical backup services necessary for remediation and litigation. Assists in the discovery, identification, and organization or imperative evidence.
    • Research: It's important to have an in-depth knowledge of your potential risks and what has breached your businesses' data in the past. Verizon provides an Incident Analytics Service that provides serious analysis and reports to better inform your business and prevent it from future threats.
    • Critical Infrastructure protection: With this solution, Verizon can analyze your businesses infrastructure and better it so that you have a solid security plan in place.
Voice Solutions: One of the key factors in your business growing and succeeding is its' communication.
  • Unified Communications: Centralizing your communications allows for increased collaboration and enhanced communication capability. Unifying your businesses' communications centralizes instant messaging, voice solutions, mobility capabilities, and conferencing (audio, web and video). Features of Verizon's UC (Unified Communications) solutions include:
    • IP communications
    • Instant messaging capability
    • Internet and video-conferencing capability
    • Secure file sharing
    • In-depth reporting options
    • SLAs (Service Level Agreements)
  • Collaboration: When you implement a UC solution within your business, your business continuity increases and there is much more opportunity for collaboration. UCCaaS (Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service) is a service that makes your business more communicative, productive, and efficient.
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): As your business grows and expands to new locations, it's important to have technology that can grow with it. Utilizing VoIP allows solutions allows for your employees to collaborate even while miles apart. Communication is seamless between remote locations, and business continuity is increased. The end-to-end solution provided by Verizon and CCS can be tailored to your specific business needs and remains flexible so that as your business grows, your communication solutions grow with it.

For a free telecom audit, for telecom expense management assistance or for one of our telecom consultants to review your bills, contact our Converged Network Services Specialists at 877-598-3999.

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