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About: Masergy delivers fully-managed unified communications, networking and cloud solutions to enterprises. They entered the industry in 2001 and have since made a huge impact. Whatever your business's needs may be, Masergy has the best solution for you company that will increase business productivity.

Cloud Unified Communications Solution:

  • UCaaS: If you're seeking a cohesive communications service that will increase productivity within your business, Masergy's Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a great solution for you. Not only does UCaaS replace your PBX, which thus eliminates CAPEX, it is scalable regardless of your business size and industry, so that you can witness results. Notable features include:
    • Mobility/BYOD (Bring your own device)
    • Guaranteed levels of service on-net
    • Instant messaging, Video and Voice communications
    • Centralized inbox for email, fax and voicemail
    • Disaster recovery built-in with automatic failover
    • No long distance charges for Global private dialing
    • Call recording
    • Automated Attendants
    • Call center queues
    • Hunt Groups
    • Conferencing with bridges: Audio and video
  • SIP Trunking: If you'd like to keep your current legacy PBX equipment/phone system, you can with Masergy's Intelligent SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking solution. Utilizing Masergy's SIP solution over the Masergy Cloud Network provides many benefits. Features include:
    • Intelligent Trunking features:
      • Call Accounting
      • Client Call Control
      • Call Waiting
      • Direct In/Out Dialing
      • E911
      • Extension dialing
      • External Calling Line ID
      • Internal Calling Line ID
      • Music on hold
      • Phone Status Monitoring
      • Voice Portal
      • Call Forwarding Not Reachable (Per Trunk)
    • Enhanced Trunking features:
      • Call Accounting
      • Client Call Control
      • Call Park
      • Call Pickup (*98)
      • Call Waiting
      • Calling Line ID Blocking
      • Calling Line ID Delivery
      • Direct In/Out Dialing
      • E911
      • Extension dialing
      • External Calling Line ID
      • Internal Calling Line ID
      • Music on hold
      • Personal Web Portal
      • Phone Status Monitoring
      • Privacy
      • Third-Party Voice Mail Support
      • Voice Portal
      • Anonymous Call Rejection
      • Automatic Callback
      • Barge-in Exempt
      • Call Forwarding Always/Busy/No Answer/Not Reachable
      • Call Return
      • Call Transfer
      • Do not Disturb
      • Hoteling Guest
      • Last Number Redial
      • Speed Dial 100/ Speed Dial 8
      • Three-way call
      • Call Forwarding Not Reachable (Per Trunk)
      • Masergy Anywhere
      • Remote Office
      • Sequential Ringing
      • Shared Call Appearance (Simple & MCA)
      • Simultaneous Ring
      • Two-Stage Dialing
    • Session Border Controllers: SBCs are necessary for the best possible SIP Trunking experience. Masergy has created a cloud eSBC's (enterprise Session Border Controller) that works seamlessly with premise eSBC's. Leading compatible platforms include:
      • Avaya Communications Manager
      • Asterisks
      • Cisco Call Manager
      • Microsoft Lync
      • Mitel
    • SIP Pooling: This is a cost-effective solution that properly allocates call capacity and calling resources across your enterprise. Masergy's SIP Trunk Pooling service allows enhancement of Business Continuity and nearly eliminates the chances of a service interruption.
  • Hosted Call Center: This service is unique because it is a Call Center application delivered from the cloud. This allows for call center agents to be distributed geographically. Agents can work from anywhere in the world transparently. We also prove advanced call center reporting. Some key features include:
    • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution): Route calls to the right person with the right priority
    • Call Queuing: This ensures that no incoming callers are greeted with a busy signal or "no answer" and instead receive the appropriate employee or agent
    • IVR/Auto Attendant: Self-service applications that guides caller to best employee or agent for their needs
    • UC Integration: Integrated chat, presence, email and conferencing
    • Monitoring and Reporting: Ensuring quality experience, this service provides monitoring and reporting by monitoring agents, it utilizes whisper messages, and emergency escalation when necessary.
    • Support distributed, remote and mobile agents around the world
  • Web Collaboration: Masergy provides the latest and greatest in web collaboration software. This allows for online meetings, webinar hosting, and virtual training. Not only does this allow for impromptu sharing, but it's easily accessible and easy to use. Features include:
    • Easy-to-use browser based interface
    • Closed captioning during sessions and in recordings
    • Green Meter: Tracks how much you've saved in travel costs
    • Meet-Me Audio Conferencing
    • Passcode protected sessions
    • Third Party Integrations with: Facebook, Outlook, Salesforce, open SOAP-based web services and more
    • Full Encryption with SSL and up to AES-256
    • Support of Media Files & Live video stream
  • Global Presence: If you provide services worldwide, it's important to have a presence worldwide as well. Masergy's Global Presence services will provide you with services to meet your global needs.
    • Global Office: Masergy currently provides Global Office deployments/services in 16 countries, while additional countries are being added on a consistent basis.
    • Global DID: As mentioned before, opening an office in another country can be extremely costly. To maintain a presence in a country that you don't want to open a physical office in, Masergy provides DID, which gives your business local presence without a local office. This service is inbound-only, and allows enterprises to receive calls from their international customers, venders and others. The service is delivered over a unique network and is available in over 60 countries with more to come.
    • Global Gateway: If you have an office where Masergy's Global Office service isn't available, but are in need of a cohesive communications solution, Masergy provides Global Gateway. This service deploys a Local Enterprise Gateway (LEG) on the client premises which acts as the termination device for the client's provided PSTN connectivity. All on-net interoffice calling goes over the Masergy Network and all external calls go through the client provided PSTN connectivity.
  • Hybrid Deployments: For those newly switching to their unified communications solution to the cloud, Masergy deploys the new technology in a customized manner per company so that you can get a maximum return on your current investments. Features include:
    • Unified Dialing Plans
    • Business-wide UC Functionality

Global Cloud Networking Solutions:

Masergy provides high quality networking services over their cloud, allowing for your company to gain a competitive edge. Services include:

  • Intelligent Connectivity: This service is completely customizable so that your business can take full advantage of it.
    • MPLS: One of the four services available with Masergy's Intelligent Connectivity Service, this service is best for businesses with multiples sites or locations. Since you are supporting multiple connections over the same connection, you are saving money as you are not adding an additional cost. Features include:
      • Global Platform
      • 6 levels of guaranteed QoS (Quality of Service)
      • Multicast included
      • Multiple VRF (Virtual Routing and Forwarding)
      • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing
      • IPv6 dual stack support including NAT
      • Fully managed implementation and support
    • VPLS: This service also connects businesses that have multiple sites and is Ethernet-based and the service is emitted over IP or MPLS networks. Features include:
      • Global Platform
      • Extended LAN Service
      • Global VLAN extension available
      • 6 levels of guaranteed QoS
      • Routing protocol independent
      • Supports native EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) without distribution
      • Bandwidth and QoS changes made via web portal or mobile application
      • Fully managed implementation and support
    • VPWS: This service can be combined with any other of the Intelligent Connectivity services. Features include:
      • Global Platform
      • 6 classes of service available
      • VLAN service (point-to-point)
      • Emulates private line
      • Bandwidth and QoS changes made via web portal or mobile application
    • Internet Plus: This service can deliver guaranteed performance and is ideal for video conferencing as it provides high equality connectivity. Features include:
      • BGP routed public IP
      • 6 classes of service available
      • Fully meshed network
      • Real-time QoS and bandwidth modifications
  • Service Control: This service enables complete interaction with your Masergy Services. Intelligent Service Control (ISC) gives control in dialing up or down bandwidth and also gives the option to increase or decrease port size and service planes in real-time via your web portal and/or mobile application. The only thing paid for is any extra bandwidth that is used.
  • Network as a Service: Masergy NaaS (network as a Service) is a great solution to connecting brand offices and remote workers to their Masergy Private IP network securely. This service is fully integrated with Masergy's Intelligent Connectivity service, and can be mixed and match to result in a seamless global hybrid network.
  • Managed Network: Masergy offers complete life-cycle management of all of your basic networking functions including firewalls, routers, and session border controllers.
    • Managed Router: We provide complete lifecycle management of your routers. This includes procurement, installation, configuration, up-keep and maintenance and fault management. We will provide you with the best router selection for your business needs. Additionally, you can mix and match with the Masergy Cloud-based managed router.
    • Managed Firewall: If you're busy running your business, you don't really have time to spend on managing your firewall and keeping an eye out for potential threats. With a managed firewall from Masergy, you will receive security you can rely on.
    • Managed ESBC: Masergy uses enterprise Session Border Controllers so that your business can receive secure and reliable SIP Trunking services.
    • Cloud-Based Firewall: Masergy's cFirewall (Cloud-Based Firewall) are cloud based firewalls that have virtual domains (VDOMS) which allows for implementation of custom security policies and advanced application controls as well as managed web security. With this option you receive fully managed security and advanced threat monitoring, management and detection.
    • Cloud-Based Router: This service is a cost saving alternative to on premise managed routers. This is also a "green" or eco-friendly option and promotes business continuity.
    • Cloud-Based ESBC: As opposed to a premise-based SBC, cloud-based offers the same flawless delivery but instead saves on costs and energy. Masergy guarantees complete interoperability with the following leading platforms:
      • Avaya Communications Manager
      • Cisco Call Manager
      • Microsoft Lync
      • Mitel
      • Asterisks
      • And many other PBX's

Advanced Managed Security Solution:

Your business or enterprise is constantly growing. It's crucial that you have advanced information security. It's not enough to simply have a defense mechanism in place, you need a team of experts to be monitoring any potential threats so that your business stays safe and running.

  • Unified Enterprise Security: This service is a completely integrated advanced threat-management solution. With the implementation of UES, you can continuously run without the feat of threats slowing your business productivity down. Some features include:
    • APT Management
    • Integrated Vulnerability Management
    • Intrusion Detection and Prevention
    • Network Behavioral Analysis
    • Managed Firewall
    • Security Monitoring
    • Advanced Security Platform
  • Professional Services: Security experts work to ensure your security management is flawless and helps remove unknown gaps in security management, keeps your security current, and additionally ensures that you meet regulatory compliance requirements. Stay safe with Masergy and Converged Communication Systems.

For a free telecom audit, or if you are in need of telecom expense management assistance or simply are interested in having one of our telecom consultants review your bills, call our Converged Network Services team at 877-598-3999.

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