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About: Level 3 Communications, Inc. provides advanced communication services and solutions for businesses of any size. By implementing a reliable and secure communication solution, your business gains a competitive advantage and moves forward toward growth and increased productivity.


Level 3® Voice Complete℠: Level 3 provides a voice service plan that combines dedicated long distance, ISDN-PRI services, local calling, and SIP all in one for a complete solution to meet your businesses' communication needs. Level 3 Voice Complete is cost-efficient and secure. Level 3 Voice Complete covers 87 percent of the U.S. Population. This solution is secured on trusted platforms including Avaya, Cisco, and Microsoft. Level 3 also supports SIP and TDM signaling. Having your voice services centralized not only saves your business money but also increases productivity and efficiency. Features include:

  • Combination of long distance and local services, SIP services and ISDN-PRI services
  • Highly flexible to meet your business needs
  • Level 3 IP Network
  • Virtual presence with geographically independent phone numbers
  • Local and Long Distance Calling
  • Operator Services
  • Directory Assistance
  • Caller ID
  • Option of Toll-Free
  • Native PRI Handoff
  • Extensive Call Detail Records: This assists in billing and service operations for complete organization within your business

Level 3 Collaboration Services: This business solution combines audio, video and web, offering a simple and cohesive plan for your business. Technical features include:

  • Audio Conferencing Services: This allows you to quickly connect with employees, customers, and partners across the nation over a high-quality connection and operator-assisted solutions.
  • Web Conferencing Services: This service takes the general purpose of audio conferencing and makes it more interactive and productive so that you can give presentations to customers or issue corporate press releases in a user-friendly method.
  • Video Conferencing Services: This service provides high-definition video so that you can better interact with clients, employees, etc. You are able to virtually be with those that you are meeting with rather than just simply meeting over audio.
  • Unified Communications: Having unified communications allows for simplification for your voice, networking, and security solutions over a single connection. This increases productivity, efficiency, and is cost-efficient.

Level 3 Network Services:

  • Ethernet:
    • Ethernet over wavelengths
    • E-line point-to-point or to multi-point WAN Services
    • VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service)
    • Bandwidth options from 1 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • MPLS/IP VPN: This service delivers global connectivity for businesses with multiple locations. It provides multi-service ports (Internet, Voice, VPLS, EVPL), all which are supported on a singular VPN port, which reduces cost and offers flexible bandwidth allocations among services. Capable with IPv6 and leverages your existing routers, applications and technologies. Also available for bundling with Level 3 Managed Network and Security Services for a cohesive plan.
  • Internet: Level 3 provides enterprise-grade Internet access with comprehensive security features and the highest speeds available. Features include:
    • Flat rate pricing based on usage
    • Support for IPv4, IPv6
    • Network Protection: IP filtering with permanent ACLs, SLAs and Security Operation Services

Level 3 Network-Based Security: Not only is it important to have a fast and reliable Internet connection and network services, but it's crucial to have top-notch security to back up these services. Level 3 provides network-based security that will keep your company safe from potential threats by dealing with them proactively before they have the chance to occur. Features include:

  • Real-time reporting: Allows for accurate reporting on any potential threats
  • Managed Firewall: Provides consistently secure Internet access resulting in improved latency and application performance
  • Email and Web Defense: Inbound and outbound email filtering, continuity, and encryption

Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions: Switching to the cloud can work greatly to your advantage, and Level 3 provides a cohesive cloud solution that combines all necessary parts of a proper cloud strategy. Level 3 works with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Blue Jeans, Google Cloud Connect, and Microsoft Azure to bring cloud solutions to companies of all sizes and of any industry. Switching to cloud services with Level 3 provides you the following features:

  • High performance and reliability
  • Security that protects your data and prevents and avoids breaches
  • Flexibility that can meet any business needs you may have

For a free telecom audit, telecom expense management assistance, or for one of our telecom consultants review your bills, contact our Converged Network Services team at 877-598-3999.

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