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Central Telephone and Electronics, Inc., Century Telephone Enterprises, Inc., CenturyTel, Inc., Embarq, Sqest, Savvis, AppFog, Tier 3

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About: CenturyLink is a global leader and the third largest telecommunications company in the nation. CenturyLink provides complete voice, data and networking solutions that are the perfect services for a business of any size or industry.

Complete Voice Solutions:

Traditional Voice Services:

  • Toll-Free Service: CenturyLink provides advanced 8XX toll free services, which includes enhanced routing capabilities that properly distribute and manage calls to contact centers. Not only is this solution cost-efficient, it allows for incoming calls from customers or potential clients to be free. Features include:
    • 24/7 customer support
    • International toll-free origination
    • Custom pricing plans
    • Payphone blocking
    • PACs (Project account codes)
    • TnR (Transfer and release)
    • DNIS (Dialed number identification service) delivery
    • Automatic number identification (ANI)
    • Routing features:
      • Day-of-week, time-of-day, and holiday routing
      • Geographic routing
      • GeoPlus routing
      • Busy-ring-no-answer routing (BRNA)
      • Percentage-allocation routing
      • Alternate call plan routing
      • SuperTrunk routing
  • International Long Distance Service: International long-distance calls should always be high quality and successful. With CenturyLink, International Long Distance (ILD), this is always the case. Features include:
    • Landline and mobile terminations to 200+ international destinations
    • Proactive monitoring of quality of services
    • Layers of redundancy and diversity
    • Separation of retail and wholesale traffic so that traffic contention is eliminated
  • Business Phone Service: This solution is guaranteed to meet your businesses' specific phone needs. Each package includes:
    • A local line
    • Unlimited local calling
    • A variety of call features
    Additionally, you have the option of the following payment plans:
    • Month-to-month,
    • 12 month
    • 24 month
    • 36 month
    CenturyLink Business Phone services provide MPLS for voice service, and allow you to utilize your existing IP-PBX equipment. You have the option to choose from the following features:
    • Business Voice Mail
    • Call Waiting/Call Waiting ID
    • 3-Way Calling,
    • Caller ID Name & Number
    • Call Forwarding
    • Selective Call Waiting
    • Call Return (*69)
    • Unistar Wire Maitnenance
    • 6 CenturyLink 411 Directory Assistance Calls

VoIP & SIP Solutions:

  • Hosted VoIP: CenturyLink provides Hosted VoIP as a business solution that is meant to improve your businesses' productivity, so that you can focus on running your business. This service is built on the reliable BroadSoft Broadworks platform. Hosted VoIP allows your employees to work remotely, as they can receive calls to their office number, and retrieve voicemails through their email. This option is best for businesses that don't want to purchase and/or maintain an on-premise phone system, and those seeking advanced call management features. Features include:
    • Unlimited local and on-net domestic long distance calling
      • Up to 10,000 minutes of off-net domestic long distance per month
    • Click-to-call capability and call logs
    • Variety of softphones available on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
    • Admin portal that allows for management of users and inventory, as well as group features including: hunt groups, auto attendants, hold music, and LDAP directory integration.
    • User portal to customize features including call forwarding, contact management, and voicemail preferences
    • Polycom IP handsets are including and installed upon service
    • Unified Messaging
  • SIP Trunk: This voice solution is extremely cost-effective and maximizes you're the potential of your IT budget. Not only does SIP Trunking reduce costs, it increases business productivity and enables scalability. Features include:
    • Dedicated long-distance
    • Competitive SLAs
    • 911 Service
    • Closed networking benefits with MPLS private and enhanced ports
    • Support of multiple locations on one service
  • IP Long Distance and Toll-Free Service: This voice solution allows for extension of your communications capability to include both domestic and international outbound long distance as well as inbound toll-free calls, for a fraction of the price expected.
    • Features of IP Long-Distance include:
      • Outbound long distance over domestic United States VoIP network to CenturyLink
      • SIP signaling protocol
      • G.711 G.729A AND G.729AB CODEC support included
      • Coverage to more than 250 international destinations
    • Features of IP Toll-Free include:
      • Utilizes SIP signaling protocol
      • Session border controller (SBC) hardware for firewall protection
      • G.711 G.729A AND G.729AB CODEC support included
      • Toll-free directory assistance
      • Alternate call plan routing
      • Origination features
      • Nationwide coverage (including Alaska, Canada, Hawaii)
      • 8XX monitoring and maintenance through Control Center
      • Overflow features:
        • Busy Ring-No-Answer Routing
        • Direct Termination Overflow Routing
        • In-switch overflow trunk routing
        • SuperTrunk Routing
      • Routing features:
        • Day-of-week
        • Day-of-Year
        • Time-of-Day
        • Geographical
        • GeoPlus
        • Percentage-Allocation Routing

Voice & Data Solutions:

  • Managed Office: With this service, we manage your office communications system for you. Managed Office budles business applications, data, voice, and complete end-to-end management, so that you can stay focused on running your business. Managed Office provides data, voice, and applications, while Managed Office Essentials provides voice and data solutions.
  • Managed Enterprise: This service provides a completely managed solution with handling of your hardware and software installation and maintenance. Features include:
    • Managed Data:
      • 24/7 performance management
      • Proactive network monitoring
      • Online reporting capabilities
      • Wireless LAN-management and support
    • Managed Voice:
      • IP telephony:
        • Handsets
        • Voicemail
        • Switches/routers
        • IP call center
        • Paging
        • PBX (IP private branch exchange)
      • 24/7 proactive management:
        • Quality of Service monitoring
        • Notification
        • Remote monitoring of IP communication site
      • Fault management:
        • Diagnosis
        • Detection
        • Isolation
        • Remote Repair
      • Web-based reporting:
        • Inventory
        • Performance
        • Ticketing
      • Capability of managing your existing voice solution
    • Managed Cloud:
      • Managed Hosting:
        • Colocation
        • Storage and Backup
      • Applications
      • Telepresence
      • Business Continuity
      • Disaster Recovery
    • Managed Security:
      • DDoS mitigation service
      • Two levels of service:
        • Managed Firewall:
          • Firewall between network and the Internet
          • IPSec VPN Support
        • Comprehensive:
          • Firewall between network and the Internet
          • IPSec VPN Support
          • Anti-virus
          • Anti-spam
          • URL filtering
    • Network access control
    • Network-based security implementation
  • Fiber +: This solution provides the fastest Internet solution available for your business. Not only does this eliminate inefficiencies and redundancies in your systems, but also it provides fast upload and download speeds and influences a massive increase in productivity within your company. Features include:
    • Data:
      • Business-class Internet with download and upload speeds of 10Mbps
      • Internet speed upgrades up to 1Gbps (depending on location)
      • SLA (service level agreements) for network availability
    • Voice:
      • A VoIP line with unlimited domestic outbound and On-Net and Off-Net long distance services
      • Additional VoIP lines available
      • Additional long distance minutes available
      • Advanced calling features:
        • Business voicemail
        • Call waiting
        • Call forwarding
    • Applications:
      • OneDrive for Business including 1 TB of personal online storage per user
      • Microsoft SharePoint Online including 10GB shared and 500MB per seat
      • Microsoft Office Online
      • Anti-malware and anti-spam protection
      • Microsoft Lync for instant messaging and web conferencing/presene
      • Microsoft Exchange Online (50GB storage)
      • Domain name registration/transfer
      • Search Engine Submission
      • Cloud Fax 20 pages/month
      • 5GB Webhosting
  • Fiber + Enterprise: This cohesive solution bundles your data services, voice solutions and cloud-based applications all into one service. Features include:
    • Data:
      • Ethernet connection with download and upload speeds from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps
      • Network availability SLA and QoS
      • Dedicated Internet connectivity
    • Voice:
      • VoIP or SIP Trunking
      • Packages of off-net domestic long distance minutes available
      • Unlimited on-net domestic long distance minutes
      • Calling features:
        • Business voicemail
        • Call waiting
        • Call Forwarding
    • Applications:
      • OneDrive for Business including 1 TB of personal online storage per user
      • Microsoft SharePoint Online including 10GB shared and 500MB per seat
      • Microsoft Office Online
      • Anti-malware and anti-spam protection
      • Microsoft Lync for instant messaging and web conferencing/presene
      • Microsoft Exchange Online (50GB storage)
      • Domain name registration/transfer
      • Search Engine Submission
      • Cloud Fax 250 pages/month
      • 10GB Webhosting

Contact Center:

  • Call Routing Services:
    • Intelligent Pre-Route (IPR): This service distributes call effectively among multiple locations and decreases your contact-center costs while providing a smooth experience. Features include:
      • Network-based call routing among multiple sites and groups
      • CenturyLink network hosting
      • Enhanced call flow over PBX premises telephony systems
      • Disaster recovery for flawless business continuity
      • Call routing using Cisco standard tools
    • Interaction Routing: A network-based call-center routing solution for the competitive edge your business needs. Features include:
      • Outbound dialing and campaing management
      • Workforce management
        • Forecasting
        • Scheduling
        • Adherence
        • Voice, e-mail and web-based transaction routing
        • Network-based voice recording solution
        • Disaster Recovery for business continuity
  • Outbound Notification:
    • Notify: This service allows you to contantly stay in contact with your customers so that you can notify them with important information. Features include:
      • Quick billing
      • Sales cycle average 4-6 weeks
      • Real-time delivery status
      • Personalized deliveries
      • Detailed reporting for effective program analysis and optimization of efficiency
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services:
    • Hosted IVR: This solution minimizes risk while improving performance and maintaining business continuity. Features include:
      • Caller interface options:
        • Touch-tone
        • Multiple language capabilities
        • Speech recognition
        • CRM Systems and standard databases system integration
        • Application development
        • Call recording
        • Web-accessible customized and customizable reports
        • Network carrier options including toll-free service from:
          • AT&T
          • Sprint
          • Verizon
          • CenturyLink
    • EZ Route: This solution eliminates stress and gives you more control. Features include:
      • Touch-tone capabilities
      • Speech-recognition
      • Extensive routing capabilities
      • Busy ring and no answer overflow
      • Disaster recovery options
      • Unlimited port availability
      • Integrated text-to-speech
      • Web-enabled IVR application wizard
      • Pricing tailored to your business needs/number of calls made
  • Toll-Free Services:
    • Domestic Toll-Free Service
    • IP Long-Distance and Toll-Free Service
Conferencing Services:
  • Web Conferencing: Utilizing CenturyLink's conferencing services not only save your business time and money, but gives you a competitive advantage that many other businesses don't have. Features include:
    • Capable of up to 125 participants
    • Mobile access via BlackBerry or iPhone
    • One-click desktop and document sharing
    • Personalized meeting space
    • High quality video and audio
    • Automatic audio connections instead of phone dial-in
    • Integrated controls for both phone and web
    • Live support through Online Chat or via phone
  • Operator Assisted Conferencing: This conferencing service gives you the capability to operate at your peak. Features include:
    • Custom greetings
    • On hold music
    • Roll call
    • Self mute
    • Remote replay
    • Operated on demand
    • Operator dial-out
    • Participant list
    • Recording available for CD or electronic file
    • Transcription
    • Scheduling assistance
    • Up to 50 participants
  • Reservationless Audio Conferencing: Utilizing Reservationless audio conferencing allows for impromptu meetings, saving you on costs and time. Features include:
    • Audio conferencing access
    • Online phone controls
    • Roll Call
    • Entry and exit tones
    • Listen only
    • Self Mute
    • Record and Replay
    • 24/7 help desk
    • Customizable passcodes for privacy and security
    • Lecture mode and Q&A
  • Event Conferencing: This conferencing option allows for up to 4,000 participants and is a cost-effective solution for corporate announcements. Features include:
    • Q&A Support for attendees questions and a higher level of personal reaction with your speakers and audience
    • Participant polling for maximum effectiveness
    • Customized greetings
    • Recording on CD or electronic format
    • Remote replay for those who are unable to attend
    • Transcription capabilities
    • Event monitoring for full quality

For a free telecom audit, or if you are seeking complete telecom expense management assistance or are in need of one of our telecom consultants to go over your bills, call our Converged Network Services team at 877-598-3999.

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