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About: Founded in 1996. Birch is a technology service provider for small, mid-sized, and enterprise and wholesale businesses.

We can setup a variety of different services and offer many different solutions.

Voice Solutions:

Regardless the size of your business, we have communication systems to fit your needs. Whether it be a single phone line for calling or fax, or an entire phone system- we have both basic and advanced voice solutions. Depending on your needs, we have several options and plans.

BirchNet lines are made for businesses that either don't need a phone system or simply need a single line for faxes, alarms or elevators. There are a variety of BirchNet line plans, including our value line, basic line, essentials, and BirchNet Complete.

  • The BirchNet Value Line plan offers unlimited local calling and long distance rates at $0.069/minute.
  • The BirchNet Basic Line plan offers unlimited local calling, unlimited local long distance calling (intra-lata long distance), free hunting/roller, free caller ID & call waiting, and long distance rates at $0.049/ minute.
  • The BirchNet Essentials Line plan offers unlimited local calling, unlimited local long distance calling (intra-lata long distance), 1500 free long distance minutes, free hunting/roller, free calling features, and long distance overage minutes at a rate of $0.049/minute.
  • The BirchNet Complete plan offers everything the BirchNet Essentials Line offers but includes DSL. BirchNet Complete is a bundle of lines that derives from broadband Internet service and is best for companies that don't need a phone system.

If you already have a phone system, BirchLink is the best plan for your business. BirchLink is an integrated voice and data plan that offers ultimate service for your business to run smoothly.

BirchLink T1 services offer a full service of T1 products with affordable pricing and meet your business needs.

BirchLink PRI is a voice-only digital networking service providing connection to the Birch IP Network. With PRI (Primary Rate Interface), all dialing information is put through your data channel, meaning calls will go through faster.

BirchLink services offer the following service plans: BirchLink T1 Internet and BirchLink T1 Complete (Voice and data solutions/ T1 and PRI complete)

  • T1 Internet (Data): offers 1.5 Mbps high-speed internet connection, 30 email addresses, and free installation with 3 year agreement
  • BirchLink T1 Complete: a T1 solution that offers 1.5 Mpbs Internet connection, bond data T1/PRI and integrated T1/PRI, up to 5 public IP addresses, up to 6 static IP addresses, up to 100 e-mail addresses (each with 50Mb of mailbox capacity, and a single set of IP addresses so that you don't have to balance loads over two separate T1s
    • Upgrade options: additional T1s (up to 4), additional e-mail boxes, additional public IP addresses, additional server storage, and customized e-mail if available

We offer a basic PRI service package which includes the following:

  • One PRI circuit
  • 23 PRI trunk lines
  • As many as 20 DIDs
  • Pooled domestic long distance outbound and toll-free inbound minutes
  • Three-way calling
  • Call hunting, blocking and transfer
  • Accounting Codes
  • Caller ID with name
  • Call forwarding

Additionally, you can upgrade your PRI services to enhance workplace efficiency, depending on your business needs.

The upgrades to PRI service packages include:

  • Domestic Long Distance outbound and Toll-free inbound blocks
  • Audio conferencing
  • Conference call recording
  • Unified Messaging
  • Fax-to-email
  • Enhanced toll-free numbers
  • Additional analog ports
  • International VoIP calling

If you're looking for an entirely new phone system for your business, it is wise to consider Total Cloud PBX. Moving to a cloud solution increases security as well as functionality and efficiency.

Features include:

  • Call forwarding, sequential ring, and extenstion-to-extension dialing
  • Advanced call routing: auto attendants, hunt groups, receptionist capabilities
  • Mobility: scheduled call forwarding, movement of active calls from desktop to mobile phones
  • Birch Communicator App: extends TotalCloud PBX to all employees, regardless of location
  • Online Feature Management: access to web portal to make changes and create company-wide settings

For complete mobility, we also offer BirchMobile, which essential turns your mobile device into your mobile office. With BirchMobile you can:

  • Access TotalCloud PBX
  • Access applications through the cloud on your mobile device
  • Improve field efficiency and raise productivity

Network Solutions:

Depending on your networking needs, we offer several solutions including basic broadband, high-speed business grade internet, MPLS, and mobile solutions.

Basic Broadband (DSL and Fiber options): A private upgradeable IP network that provides enablement to support customers, employees and partners with a fast and reliable Internet connection. Additionally, broadband services include:

  • Speeds up to 24Mbps
  • Free Wi-Fi enabled router
  • State IP address
  • 10 email boxes with 50MB of storage each
  • Self or professional installation
  • Additional email addresses and email storage
  • Additional static IP addresses

Fiber-based access is a noticeably faster networking solution that supports voice, data, video conferencing, remote access, and IP applications. It provides from 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps and is immune to electromagnetic interference from other sources, making it more secure.

Ethernet-in-the-First Mile (EFM) provides high bandwidth delivery at 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps and enables a faster delivery of high bandwidth cloud and communication services.

Another internet and networking solution is an IP VPN service; MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching). This service connects businesses with multiple sites and customer locations so that the network is centralized. It is one network that routes data and gives access to information and applications to all locations. This service provides custom VLAN solutions, and data encryption.

Additionally, if you're seeking mobile capabilities, BirchMobile services offer laptop cards, hotspots, tablets and wireless continuity solutions to operate as a backup, so that your business remains productive even if the connection fails.

If you'd like a free telecom audit, or if you are in need of a telecom consultant to review your bills for telecom expense management, call our Converged Network Services team at 877-598-3999.

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