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About: AT&T is one of the largest telecommunications service providers in the United States. They provide networking, voice, cloud, and mobile solutions that can be managed end-to-end. Regardless the size or industry of your business, AT&T has a plan that can be tailored to meet your businesses' communication needs.


  • Network Services: Whether your business is small or an enterprise, or whether it needs a reliable wired or wireless network solution (or both); AT&T provides network services that are certain to build a strong foundation to how you and your employees stay connected.
    • Network on Demand: Business needs change daily and AT&T understands that, so they offer scalable on-demand network solutions that allow you to instantly add services, scale bandwidth, or order more ports to meet your businesses' real time needs.
    • VPN Services:
      • MPLS VPN: If you have multiple sites or locations, implementing a MPLS VPN solution is a good idea, as it provides a secure connection to all of your locations. MPLS-enabled IP VPN allows you to rely on just one network and you can add solutions like VoIP capabilities, cloud applications, and business collaboration.
      • IPsec VPN: Though this solution can serve as a stand-alone solution, it is most effective when partnered with a MPLS VPN. IPSec uses virtual tunnels as a medium to send data between sites over public Internet.
      • Remote Access Service: This solution provides complete business continuity as your employees will have secure access to devices anywhere at any time.
    • Ethernet Services:
    • Wi-Fi Solutions: No matter what your Wi-Fi needs may be AT&T provides public-only hotspots and a Wi-Fi network that is privately managed.
    • Internet Connectivity: Stay connected with your customers and suppliers with AT&T's high-speed Internet access (including fiber Internet availability). Services include:
      • Managed Internet Service: Dedicated access with different options of access speeds or management.
      • Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) and Broadband: High-speed bandwidth with audio and video streaming/conferencing, and secure and fast data transfer.
    • DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing): With DWDM, a single fiber can carry different data streams. It allows for a variety of protocols including SONET, Gigabit Ethernet (GE), 10GE and Fibre Channel; to be carried over an optical wavelength. DWDM wave rings support bandwidth from 100 Mbps up to 100 Gbps and channel by channel protection.
    • SONET (Synchronous Optical Network): Fiber-based SONET ring service is best for businesses or enterprises that are in need of a network that can move a large volume of VoIP, video and data traffic between locations and data centers. Supported protocols:
      • OC-3 to OC-192 bandwidths
      • 10/100, 50 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 450, 600 Mbps, 1 Gbps
      • DS1, DS3, STS1, OC-3, OC-48 standard service channels
  • Network Security: It's important to not only have a great network, but to additionally have that network secured. With AT&T network security services your business will be more protected against threats including viruses, malware, worms, and botnets (and more).
    • E-mail Security: New e-mail threats come about constantly. With e-mail security, the potential viruses, malware, etc., can be blocked before they even get to your network. Features include:
      • 24/7 technical support
      • Content and spam filters
      • Web link URL attack protection
      • Top of the line antivirus software
    • Web Security: To prevent attacks on your network, AT&T provides online filtering that will block malware and specific URLs, as well as control web content and applications.
    • Firewall Security: With a great network, you pose the risk of unauthorized users attempting to connect. Instead of letting them succeed in connecting, a network-based firewall will reduce risks and keep your core MPLS network safe and protected.
    • AT&T Mobile Security: Going mobile definitely brings advantages to your business and its' productivity, but it comes with the need of additional security. Not only can mobile security protect your employee's personal and sensitive information, but it can also provide anti-malware, botnet mitigation and anti-spyware.
    • Threat Management: This service detects threats before they get the chance to attack your network, and preventative actions are taken.
  • Cloud Services: With cloud services from AT&T, you will be able to access applications, software, network resources and more. Cloud services available include:
    • Cloud Computing: This service provides on-demand access to computing resources such as networks, storage, applications, services, and services. Not only does this assist in business continuity but it is simpler to manage as well as distribute.
    • Cloud Storage: Story important information and files is crucial to your companies' success. As you grow, you will need to accommodate more and more space for your data. With cloud storage you can easily expand your storage as your businesses grows, while all of your data and files that are stored are completely secure.
    • Network-Enabled Cloud: This service allows users to connect to the cloud via internet. It is an extension of their MPLS Virtual Private Network for seamless delivery of business applications and more, all while cutting costs and being scalable.
    • AT&T Private Cloud: If you are not interested in a public cloud, then you may be interested in the AT&T Private Cloud. It provides self-service and control, and simple scalability as your business needs grow. Not only will you have a dedicated compute infrastructure, but you can be certain that your data/cloud will be fully secured.
    • Virtual Desktop Service: If you'd like your employees to be able to access their desktop or important data or applications at any time, AT&T provides a service called "Virtual Desktop Service". This results in increased productivity, management and collaboration.
  • Hosting Services:
    • Content Delivery and Digital Media Services: Instead of waiting on slow downloads and buffering video streams, you can increase productivity and service quality by allowing AT&T and Converged Communication systems to manage, package, and send your media-rich content.
    • Colocation: If you'd like to utilize AT&T colocation services, you can centralize your equipment and network management within a highly secured data center.
    • Managed Hosting: If you would like to free up your current IT resources (employees), we can operate, update, and support your IT infrastructure for you. Your IT systems will be hosted at top-notch data centers.
  • Voice Services: AT&T provides a large variety of voice services and solutions for businesses of any type and any size. Whether you'd like a cloud-based solution or a simple business phone line, there is a plan that can be customized to your specific businesses' communication needs.
    • Contact Center Solutions: Call centers are known to maximize ROI and with AT&T and CCS you are certain to be provided a contact center that caters to your business needs. Some features include:
      • Single toll-free contact number
      • Upgrading and repair of components
      • 24/7 monitoring
      • Management of your entire solution
    • Hosted VoIP (Voice over IP): Implementing a hosted VoIP solution within your business allows for complete connection and collaboration between customers, employees, and colleagues. Features include:
      • Calling features includes: Caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and more
      • On-demand conference calling
      • Detailed call records
      • Virtual telephone numbers- local/virtual presences
      • Web Conferencing
      • Special routing
      • Find Me/Follow Me (reach an employee regardless of location)
      • 24/7 support and proactive monitoring
      • Installation, configuration and planning
      • Project manager and point of contact
    • SIP Trunking with AT&T IP Flexible Reach: This service is best for those who are interested in utilizing their current PBX or key system. Features include:
      • Centralized call delivery
      • Calling plans (US long distance and international reach available)
      • Extended collaboration
      • Built-in security of an MPLS VPN
      • Voice prioritization
      • Cost-effective
    • IP Toll-Free: Expand your customer reach with AT&T's IP Toll-Free services. Features include:
      • Enhanced call routing
      • Customized announcements for callers
      • Automated basic information tasks
      • Call transfer
      • Load balance
    • UC Voice: Unified Communications Voice from AT&T allows for the unification and centralization of your voice services. UC Voice provides flawless service and saves costs on constant infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrade. UC Voice also provides integrated mobile functionality. Features include:
      • Cloud-based IP voice
      • Single Number reach
      • Voicemail and unified messaging
      • Built-in security and redundancy
      • 24/7 Infrastructure monitoring
      • Business grade telephony features
      • Scalable and easy to add on services as needed
  • Unified Communications: If you'd like to implement a solution that will ensure increased communication and collaboration, it is important to consider Unified Communications. AT&T UC brings together tools like instant messaging, email, conferencing and voice calling all into one cohesively seamless plan.
    • AT&T Connect: This service connects web, audio, and video into a single cohesive tool for real-time conferencing; so that you can always connect with those you need to connect with. Features include:
      • Real-time Web Meetings
      • Seamless Connections
      • Mobile Collaboration
      • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft Lync®, iCal®, and IBM® Notes®
    • AT&T Mobile Office Suite: Cloud-based software allows for complete access to Microsoft Office 365 and allows for an ease of collaboration anytime and anywhere. Included:
      • Access to Microsoft Office 365® and Microsoft Lync Online®, SharePoint Online® and Office Online®
      • Voice connection with Click-to-call functionality
      • Your choice of mobile device and accessories from AT&T
    • Conferencing Services: Save time and money by making your meetings online so that you can meet with customers, partners, or colleagues from all around the world at a click of a button. AT&T provides several conferencing solutions to increase your businesses' productivity, efficiency, and ROI.
      • AT&T Audio and Web Conferencing: If you need a solution that allows you to meet with remote workers to brainstorm and/or deliver presentations or trainings.
      • AT&T Conferencing with Microsoft Lync: This solution allows you to connect with people across locations, networks and devices globally so that you can always stay connected among a highly reliable network.
      • AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Solution: This is a Cisco Collaboration solution with high quality IP audio that allows team members to share files and information through any computer or device, anywhere at any time. This is cost-efficient as it provides a payment structure that allows you to "pay as you go" monthly.
      • Video Conferencing Solutions: This solution provides a personal meeting experience without physically traveling to the person. This helps boost productivity as well as decreases the time and expenses spent on meeting-related travel.
  • Application Services: With this service, your applications will run smoothly and efficiently. The following applications can be provided, hosted and/or managed with 24/7 support and a technical staff that proactively monitors to prevent any issues.
    • Enterprise Applications:
      • Oracle® Application Management
      • PeopleSoft® Application Management
      • SAP® Application Management
      • Ariba Application Management
    • eCommerce Applications:
      • AT&T Commerce to Go
      • hybris Commerce Suite
      • IBM® WebSphere®
      • Oracle® Commerce Solutions
      • Managed Middleware Services
    • Microsoft Communication Applications:
      • Microsoft® Exchange Server
      • Microsoft® Lync™ Server
      • Microsoft® SharePoint® Server

If you are interested in a free telecom audit or seeking advisement on your telecom expense management or simply are in need of one of our telecom consultants to review your bills, please call our Converged Network Services team at 877-598-3999.

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