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About: AireSpring is an innovative telecommunications carrier and voice and data solution provider. They provide a wide range of services including T-1, DS-3, SIP, VoIP, Cloud Hosted IP PBX, Long Distance and Local voice, Enhanced Conferencing, MPLS Mesh, as well as integrated voice and data solutions.


  • Local T-1 PRI: This service is best for businesses that are in need of a basic voice solution. Features and benefits include:
    • Offered in many locations
    • VoIP delivered to your traditional phone system
    • Local minutes included
    • Low long distance rates
    • Free calling between offices/sites
    • Low port MRC
  • Local SIP Trunking: This solution provides PSTN interconnectivity for all your business calls over a pure SIP network. Features include:
    • Local outbound and inbound usage included
    • Bandwidth up to 10 Mbps available
    • 24-90 lines
    • e911 and e411 included
    • Managed Router
    • 800 numbers are replaced with local DIDs (International and nationwide DIDs available)
    • PRI Connection is no longer necessary
    • VoIP mobility
    • Only one IP-based connection for both voice and data
    • Codecs supported: G711 and G729
  • Integrated T-1 PRI (Dynamic X): This is a full converged solution for both voice and data that is tailored to meet your business traffic demands. It includes availability of up to 4.5 mbps data as well as 24 different channels of voice all on a single circuit.
  • Dynamic X SMB Integrated: This service provides a cohesive voice and Internet solution with enhanced services. Features include:
    • High Speed Internet
    • Local phone service
    • Long Distance phone service
    • Auto Attendant
    • Virtual private numbers for employees
    • Call waiting
    • Caller ID
    • Call Forwarding
    • Visual Voicemail
    • Conferencing
    • Toll-free options
    • Automatic call routing

Long Distance:

  • AireSpring Network Long Distance: This service is delivered and provided over Airespring's SIP Trunking network, and is a cost-efficient solution for long distance or DS-3.
    • Keep current PBX equipment
    • Nationwide coverage
    • Teleblock
    • One point contact
    • 24/7 Support
  • Long Distance SIP Trunking: If your business needs to be able to handle high calls per second over long distances, AireSpring provides Long Distance SIP Trunking. This is best for companies that are in need of high volume outbound service. Features include:
    • VoIP mobility
    • G711 and G729 Codecs supported
    • No attachment to physical location of PSTN
    • Less circuits, more cost-effective
    • Only one IP-based connection to maintain for data and voice


  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) - Business Internet: For businesses that rely on or are in need of a high speed internet connection, AireSpring provides Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). With DIA from AireSpring and CCS, your business receives an all-inclusive data solution. Different options available include:
    • Fast Ethernet
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
    • 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps
    • DS1(1.5 Mbps, Bonded 3.0 to 12 Mbps)
    • DS3 (Fractional and Full Port)
    • OC3
    • OC12
    • Ethernet over Copper (In certain areas)
    • Burstable data consumption options
    • Easily connect your business' multiple sites
  • Ethernet over Copper (EoC): Your business should never be slowed down because of your network. With AireSpring's EoC, your business and employees have access to a network that can easily support the use of web-based applications, multimedia file transfer and high resolution video streaming. Ethernet is the standard for those in need of high speed Internet, providing speeds up to 10 Mbps. Features include:
    • Scalability
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • High resolution video conferencing capability
    • Remote desktop access


  • AireConference: There are many different technological solutions for businesses that can cut costs, but this solution specifically cuts down on costs in a variety of different ways. Not only do you save on airfare and travel time, but you can also train employees via conferencing as well. This conferencing solution from AireSpring features high quality Toll Free reservationless conferencing with local dial-in numbers that are available in 23 cities internationally. Some features and benefits include:
    • Free conference recording (once a month for 6 hours per conference call)
    • Nationwide Toll Free dial-in number
    • Ability to accommodate for 100s of participants
    • Seamless transition with duplication of existing Host and/or Guest codes or PINs (where available)
    • Phone and computer playback of recorded conferences available
    • Conference mode, Lecture mode, or Q&A mode available
    • Real-time management via web portal
    • Local dial-in numbers from 23 cities internationally (*Local calling tariff applicable)
    • Online reporting with in-depth stats for every conference and each caller


This MPLS service can link all of your business sites together over a single IP network, or it can develop several secure networks so that your data can be segmented. This solution is best if your business is looking to transition from VPN to IP-VPN for its plenty advantages. With MPLS MESH from AireSpring, your network efficiency is improved and your traffic is prioritized. Features include:

  • Single bill allows for easy organization
  • Improved network efficiency
  • Largest MPLS footprint in the industry
  • High scalability
  • Integration of multiple data, voice & video networks onto a singular IP-based network
  • Voice over MPLS available (VoMPLS)
  • Easily add new locations and applications to your network

Call Compliance:

  • Do-Not-Call Blocking System: Clients who conduct heavy outbound telemarketing activities typically are in need of a solution to handle a Do-Not-Call list. AireSpring and Gryphon Networks can provide an intelligent Do-Not-Call Blocking system for your business. Features include:
    • A dial-in option that uses a toll-free number and pin code.
    • Compatible with all VoIP telephones

AireNMS - Network Monitoring Services (NMS):

This service provides 24/7 real-time monitoring for routers and gateways provided by AireSpring. With AireSpring and CCS monitoring your networks, you can focus on running your business. Features include:

  • 24/7 monitoring from NOC
  • Service tickets quickly addressed and resolved
  • A large variety of real-time as well as historical reports including:
    • CPU utilization for both ADTRAN and/or Cisco Routers
    • Latency Report (Round Trip)
    • Interface bandwidth utilization statistics
    • Technical Support

AirePBX(TM) - Cloud Hosted IP PBX:

For businesses in need of a cost-efficient phone system, AireSpring provides a cloud business phone system so that your business has a flawless unified communications infrastructure. With Cloud PBX, your employees can work from anywhere on their smartphone, tablets, desktop computer, laptop, or their desk phone. Not only will collaboration increase, but so will business productivity. Features include:

  • Mobile integration
  • Click to Call
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
  • Auto Attendant
  • Video Calling
  • High Definition audio


This service is a hosted contact center solution from AireSpring. It is compiled of the following services:

  • Inbound/Outbound and Blended Call Center
    • Off-hours options available:
      • Route to Voicemail
      • Callback
    • Real-time monitor with alerts
    • Skill based routing with overflow handling
    • Customized Interactive Voice Response (IVR) including menus and announcements
    • Customer data including call offer and/or screen pops
  • Predictive Dialer
    • Multiple campaigns simultaneously
    • Multi-line auto dialer
    • DNC Compliance
    • Prospects lists can be uploaded (excel or csv)
    • Campaign performance monitor (real-time)
    • Reschedule calls
  • Social Media Customer Service
    • Click2Call
    • Click2Chat
    • Click2Service
    • Social feeds capture (routed to agent)
    • Email and fax
    • Unified queue and agent UI
    • Agent multi-tasking
  • Multi-Channel Communication
    • Inbound and outbound voice, auto dialer
    • Web chat and callback
    • Email and fax
    • Consolidated user experience among all channels
    • Agent multi-tasking
    • Multimedia blended queues


This service is a part of the AireContact solution. It is a cloud-hosted platform for outbound messaging which makes the task of high output automate message broadcasting uncomplicated. Features include:

  • Quick setup
  • Access to reports at any time with web portal
  • DIDs available in nearly every rate center within the US
  • Either use your own number for Caller ID or one from AireSpring
  • Answer machine detection
  • Block calls to wireless numbers

If you are interested in a free telecom audit, or would like telecom expense management assistance or are in need of one of our telecom consultants to review your bills, call our Converged Network Services Specialists at 877-598-3999.

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