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What is Fiber Internet?

There are several different types of transmission cables including copper, coaxial, wireless, and fiber. These are the top 4 transports for Internet transmission. Each has its' benefits and different uses, but transmission over fiber-optic cables are of the highest quality.

Copper has been used for electrical wiring for over a hundred years, and is used in power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as in telecommunications. Using copper cable as a medium for transmission has very limited bandwidth. Using copper requires the use of more computers, and it provides a slower connection than fiber technology. Though it was the industry standard in the past, copper wiring is more susceptible to corrosion and is more frequently being replaced with fiber-optic technology.

Another medium Internet Service Providers use to transmit service is coaxial cable. This is the current industry standard. It is essentially running services through a basic cable (ex. Major cable providers like Comcast).Though more affordable than fiber, its amount benefits are nowhere near that of using fiber-optic technology. Coax can reach speeds up to 45 mbps, which is one of the faster options in Internet service, but not nearly as fast as optic fiber Internet. There is a theoretical speed limit to coax, whereas fiber internet has a much higher theoretical limit.

Many businesses and consumers prefer wireless transmission because of the flexibility as there are no wires to upkeep. Though a wireless network can theoretically transmit data as fast as optical fiber, fiber-optics reach much higher maximum speeds- particularly when there are multiple users on a single wireless network all sharing the same bandwidth. Wireless connections' signal also becomes weaker as distance increases. Though the idea of wireless may seem more functional and convenient, connections that are transmitted wirelessly have excessive limitations. It also remains true that wireless connections are not as reliable, nor are they as fast as fiber Internet connections.

The highest quality medium for transmission of Internet service is Fiber/Optic cable. A common question is: What is fiber optic Internet? Many know that it's the best Internet service out there, but are unaware of all of its benefits.

Fiber Glass Optics

One of the latest trends in the world of communications is "Fiber-optic Internet". Fiber Internet stems from Fiber optic communication. Fiber-optic communication is the process of information being transmitted through pulses of light via an optical fiber. The pulses of light create a wave that then carries the information. Unlike copper and coax, fiber internet is carried across fiber-optic cables which are strands of glass that are extremely thin, which prevents regular wear and tear such as corrosion. Additionally, these small pieces of glass have an outer covering called a jacket for extra protection. Some optical fibers can also be made from plastic. Fiber / Optic Cable is best for those needing to reach a higher transmission of data. This technology started in the 1970s, but has recently picked up and began redefining the telecommunications industry.

Fiber Optics Internet is the future of the Internet, though it's still not known among the average consumer. Fiber optic Internet Providers understand that businesses need to transfer mass amounts of data quickly and seamlessly.

It has multiple advantages over electrical transmission. These advantages have led to optical fibers replacing many copper wire communications. Fiber-optic communication uses range from transmission of telephone signals, internet services, and cable television signals. Most impressively, the largest benefit of fiber internet is that it offers much faster speeds over far longer distances, and has historically reached speeds of over 100 petabits (1000 terabits / 1,000,000 gigabits) per second, increasing the connections reliability and efficiency. Using fiber Internet providers means users are less prone to errors and or issues. Since fiber broadband is the fastest internet available, users can transfer mass amounts of data quickly. With that being said, video conferencing, streaming video, and sending large files are seamless activities.

Converged Communication Systems works with all Fiber optic Internet providers across the nation, and can bring you the fastest and most reliable fiber Internet available. With fiber internet, your business can run more productively and efficiently as your internet connection will never slow you down.

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