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About: MegaPath has been serving small, medium and enterprise business since 1996, and offer managed services, voice and data solutions, networking services, cloud and networking services that are guaranteed to keep your company at the top of its' industry.

Voice Solutions: MegaPath provides voice services for businesses of any size for the implementation of better collaboration and the inevitable need for mobility support. The cost-effective voice solutions available include:

  • Hosted Voice/Hosted PBX: MegaPath's Hosted Voice solution provides more in the way of functionality than a traditional phone system, all while eliminating the costs of managing a PBX. There are many phones available for lease or purchase, and there are a large variety of features included. Utilizing MegaPath Unified Communications combines voice with screen sharing, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more for complete integration among desktop, mobile devices, and desktop phones. Features include:
    • Advanced Call forwarding
    • Sequential Ring
    • Simultaneous Ring
    • Teleworker Solution
    • Voice Manager
    • MegaPath Anywhere: Allows for complete mobility, the capability of using a single number on any device including desk phone, home phone and mobile phone
    • Audio Conferencing
    • Visual Voicemail
    • Attendant Console
    • Company Directory
    • E911 Service
    • Hold Music or Message
    • Alternate Numbers
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
    • Call Logs
    • Busy Lamp Field
    • Call Notify, Call Park, Call Pick Up, Call Return, Call Waiting and Call Transfer
    • Calling Line ID/Blocking
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Extension Dialing
    • Line Status Monitoring
    • Message Call Back
    • Message Waiting Indicator
    • Push to Talk
    • Selective Call Acceptance/Rejection
    • Voice Messaging
    • Speed Dial 100
    • "0" Out Voicemail Option
    • Optional Features:
      • Call Center
      • Call Recording
      • Toll-Free Numbers
      • Vanity Telephone Numbers
      • Hunt Groups
      • Growth Reserved Numbers
      • Forwarding Numbers
      • Additional Voice Mailboxes
  • Phones: MegaPath has a large variety of phones available for lease or purchase. Phones available:
    • Polycom VVX 600
    • Polycom VVX 500
    • Polycom VVX 410
    • Polycom VVX 300
    • Polycom VVX 1500
    • Polycom IP 670
    • Polycom IP 560
    • Polycom IP 550
    • Polycom IP 335
    • Polycom IP 6000
    • Panasonic KX- TGP500
    • Cisco SPA525G
    • Cisco SPA303G
    • Cisco SPA122 ATA
  • SIP Trunking: For businesses with multiple locations, MegaPath provides Enterprise SIP Trunking, which optimizes your network capacity among all of your locations. Call capacity is shared and on-net calling between sites is free. With SIP Trunking, you can either get a brand new phone system or utilize your current IP PBX, as MegaPath can work with most IP PBX vendors. Standard features include:
    • Dial tone over a standard SIP handoff
    • Unlimited Local Inbound and Outbound calling
    • Call capacity sharing among locations (Enterprise Trunking only)
    • Metered domestic long distance and international long distance

    Add-On features available for SIP and Enterprise Trunking include:
    • Account Codes
    • Audio Conferencing
    • Auto Attendant
    • Telephone Number (DID)
    • Enhanced Telephone Number (DID)
    • Directory Listing
    • Forwarding Numbers
    • Local Number Portability
    • Voicemail Box
    • Toll-free numbers
    • Growth Reserved Number
    • Voicemail System
  • Lines and PRI: MegaPath also offers traditional Analog POTS Line and PRI Trunking services for businesses looking to save costs with Voice over IP (VoIP), while keeping their current PBX system or other current voice infrastructure.
    • Analog Lines:
      • Dial tone through standard Analog handoff
      • A local telephone number
      • Unlimited local calling (inbound and outbound)
      • Metered domestic long distance and international calling
      • Call Forwarding
      • Busy/No Answer/Not Reachable
      • Caller ID
      • Call Transfer
      • Call Waiting
      • Call Return
      • Three-Way Calling
    • PRI Trunking:
      • Dial tone over a standard PRI handoff
      • Caller ID
      • Unlimited local calling (inbound and outbound)
      • Metered domestic long distance and international calling

Network Solutions: Running a business effectively and productively requires a secure, fast, and reliable Internet connection. MegaPath offers a variety of services that work for businesses of any size. Services include:

  • Ethernet: If you run a large business or an enterprise that has multiple locations, MegaPath's Business Ethernet delivers more bandwidth than T1 and Bonded T1 services with speeds up to 135Mbps all while remaining low-cost. Bandwidth options available range from 8x1 to 50x10 Mbps, offering a solution completely tailored to your business needs. Options of medium include Ethernet over Copper (EoC), which is best for businesses with multiple locations in a condensed area, and Ethernet over DS1 (EoDS1), which provides predictable speeds to multiple business locations that are further apart.
  • T1 and Bonded T1: MegaPath provides flexible T1 services with connection speeds up to 12 Mbps, and the capability to combine T1 services with MegaPath Hosted Voice and SIP Trunking services. With a MegaPath Full T1 or Bonded T1 Line, your business has the capability to increase bandwidth as your business grows. T1 Line options include:
    • Full T1: Speeds up to 1.5 Mbps
    • Bonded T1: Speeds of 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 10.5, and 12 Mbps
  • DSL: This networking and Internet solution is both reliable and easily scalable to your business needs. With download speeds up to 20 Mbps, DSL is a great broadband solution for small to medium-sized businesses that consistently download large files or use the Internet often. MegaPath's xDSL services are available in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. DSL is available as a main Internet source and also available as a Managed Failover Solution (in case of outage from your primary access service). Features include:
    • 24/7/365 customer support
    • Supports VoIP with Quality of Service (QoS)
    • SLAs (service level agreements) guarantee 99.5% uptime
  • DS3/OCx & T3 Internet: For businesses that have high-volume data requirements, these services are best. They provide burstable bandwidth and high-speed Internet connections from 20 Mbps all the way up to 40 Mbps. MegaPath DS3 provides the greatest speed and reliability for the most affordable price. Features include:
    • Unlimited high-speed Internet access
    • Proactive monitoring and maintenance
    • Public and Private IP addresses
    • Professional installation
    • Online management
  • Managed WiFi: For businesses that are in need of wireless networking, MegaPath provides a completely secure and reliable Wi-Fi solution. Features include:
    • Design, configuration, and installation of your wireless network
    • Proactive monitoring and management
    • 24/7/365 Support
    • Secure and PCI Compliant
    • Automated firmware and software updates
    • Business Intelligence
    • Wireless Access Points provided by MegaPath that support more than 100 users each (equipment covered by lifetime warranty)
    • Scalability for small branches all the way up to large networks
  • Other Broadband Solutions:
    • Cable: For an always-on, high-speed connection to the Internet, Cable broadband from MegaPath is sure to meet your business needs. Features include:
      • Professional installation
      • Customer portal for billing and account management
      • Business-class routing equipment
      • Cable connection
      • 1 static IP (except for Dynamic IP products)
    • Satellite: For locations where DSL and Cable access are not yet available, MegaPath provides Satellite service. Bandwidth speeds reach up to 1.0 Mbps all while remaining cost-effective. MegaPath's broadband satellite uses satellite technology that is built on a VSAT-based ("very small aperture terminal") broadband connectivity platform.
    • WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access): This service is completely scalable and delivers high-speed business class bandwidth to SMB and enterprise businesses. Internet access through this service reaches speeds up to 45 Mbps and supports IPSec and Gateway MSS for ensured security of data that is transferred. Features include:
      • Speeds up to 45 Mbps
      • Encryption technology
      • Directional antenna
      • 99.99% uptime SLAs
      • 24/7 support
      • Professional installation and upkeep
      • Available in:
        • Las Vegas
        • Los Angeles/Orange County
        • San Francisco/Bay Area/Silicon Valley
        • Santa Barbara/Ventura
    • Wireless: MegaPath's wireless broadband service provides 3G and 4G broadband connectivity as both a fixed wireless solution and a managed failover solution.

Network Security Solutions:

  • Private Networking:
    • MPLS Networking: Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) VPN service form MegaPath provides a cost-effective solution that allows for consolidation of all business applications onto a single private network. This solution is best for businesses with multiple sites.
    • Remote Access SSL VPN: This solution is cost-effective and provides secure and cloud-based remote access, including access of applications and data files to authorized users. MegaPath Remote Access SSL VPN works with the MegaPath MPLS network for a completely secure remote access solution.
    • Dedicated SSL VPN: This solution is fully managed, and allows for secure remote access to applications and information for authorized users.
  • Unified Threat Management:
    • Advanced Firewall Protection: With two options (basic for small business and brand offices or advanced for medium and large businesses), your businesses network is protected from unauthorized users or dangerous protocols so that your data is kept safe and your business is kept running smoothly. Features include:
      • Support of up to 500 firewall policy rules
      • Cloud-based or premises-based implementation
      • Supports H.323, SIP, and SCCP protocols for protection of VoIP services
      • Enables network segmentation
    • Network Intrusion Detection: This service offers real-time protection from network and application attacks and continuously monitors for worms, viruses, Trojans, DoS, DDoS, SQL Injections, and more. Features include:
      • Real-time detection
      • Automatic updates
      • Cloud-based or premises-based implementation
      • Real-time alerts for both wired and wireless networks
      • Security alerting, logging and reporting
    • Malware and Virus Protection: To protect your business from malware, MegaPath provides an Anti-Malware service that provides real-time protection from viruses, spyware and more. Features include:
      • Signature-based and rule-based threat prevention
      • Seamless integration with other MegaPath networking and security solutions
      • Content is inspected over VPN connections with support for common tunneling protocols including: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and SSL)
      • Real-time scanning of POP3, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, FTP, and IM traffic so that viruses, Trojans, and worms are blocked
    • Web Filtering Service: This serine blocks any access to harmful, inappropriate and/or dangerous websites that may contain malware, crimeware, or phishing/pharming attacks. Features include:
      • Real-time protection and real-time Internet and Web filter
      • White list and black list filtering feature
      • Advanced reporting capabilities
      • Cloud-based or premises-based implementation
      • Security alerting, logging, and reporting
    • Email Spam Filtering: Spam results in a reduction of productivity within your business. MegaPath offers fully-managed email spam filtering so that you don't have to do it yourself. Features include:
      • Automatic detection of spam
      • Continuous updates of spam lists
      • Automatically flags spam
      • Spam is identified through real-time black lists (RBL)
      • Removes potential source of malware, phishing attacks, and viruses

If you'd like a free telecom audit, or if you are in need of telecom expense management assistance or are simply interested in having one of our telecom consultants review your bills, call our Converged Network Services team at 877-598-3999.

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