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Avaya Small to Medium Business Comparisons

Avaya Platform Comparison: Small to Medium Enterprises

Avaya IP Office R9.0

Avaya Server Edition R9.0

Avaya Aura R6.0 (formerly Avaya Communication Manager (ACM), formerly Definity, formerly System 25/75)

Physical Endpoints Per Processor (Call Server):

  • Default configuration starts at 5 users and easy growth allows up to 384 physical endpoints per site.
  • Up to 1500 for Primary Server Edition (based on Server itself whether OEM or client supplied. HP DL360 OEM reflects max capacities. HP DL120 and Dell R210 OEM support less. See virtual capacities guide for VMWare environments). Clients can elect
  • For mid-sized offering up to 2,400 users. However, based on the original design and Gateways utilized solution can have smaller or larger capacity as this solution is flexible and can scale with no limitations.

Trunk Types Supported

  • Base IP500v2 chassis allows for TDM Trunk types such as Analog Trunks (POTS lines), and PRI (voice T1). SIP trunks and H323 trunks can also terminate to IP500v2 easily.
  • For clients that require SIP Trunks and higher level of security to avoid hacking attempts, Avaya Session Border Controller (ASBC) can be deployed.
  • Base Server Edition allows for SIP trunks and H323 trunks to terminate to the primary server intrinsically.
  • For clients that require SIP Trunks and higher level of security to avoid hacking attempts, Avaya Session Border Controller (ASBC) can be deployed.
  • For clients that require a Server Edition design can still connect Analog Trunks (POTS Lines) and PRI (voice T1) by leveraging an IP500v2 IP Office chassis and setting up this as a Server Node for any TDM connection.
  • Flexible and supports all trunk types intrinsically or through the use of an SBC (SES) for SIP termination.

Software Configurations Available

  • All Digital PBX
  • Hybrid IP PBX
  • Analog Extension Ports available for analog devices such as Overhead paging, credit card machines, postal machines, analog faxes, alarms, modems, etc.
  • Single Server / Chassis deployment or connect seamlessly up to 32 IP500v2 for a 1,000 endpoint supported network.
  • Basic Edition: For smaller clients that require key system setup or require Avaya Partner ACS system like functionality or simply want to reuse Avaya Partner ACS Series I or Series II phones select this software.
  • Essential Edition is required for every design; however, gives very limited voicemail for embedded messaging users.
  • Preferred Edition is the most common setup providing clients with Voicemail PRO and other important business productivity features.
  • Advanced Edition provides additional features such allowing customer server managers and supervisors to intelligently review call recordings, leverage text to speech engine as well as leverage some database integration with Voicemail PRO.
  • Avaya IP Office Server Edition is ideally designed to support SIP Trunks to IP Endpoint deployments. However, for clients that require TDM or analog lines or extensions as well as digital phones to be used the integration of IP500v2 chassis allows communication to be made seamlessly as IP500v2 converts to a traditional trunk and extension gateway for clients reusing TDM trunks and lines as well as analog and digital phones or devices. For clients that want to stay with PRI T1 for voice connectivity, IP500v2 provides connection allowing the Server and the IP500v2 gateway to function as one Server Edition network.
  • Clients can leverage Primary Server either in standalone to focus on call control or can elect to turn on the intrinsic application server One-X portal. For businesses that require redundancy option Secondary server can be deployed at the same site or other sites. Keep in mind, for sites that have an IP500v2 gateway for local terminations for analog and digital devices and trunks these locations are considered limited; however, have some survivability built in.
  • For larger Server Edition setups the use of Application Servers can be used for such things as One-X portal. The use of Expansion Systems can extend growth of the server edition network.
  • Avaya Aura leverages application servers to perform different functions required by the client. Such things as Call Center, Contact Center, Messaging, Presence and more can be designed based on clients needs.

Voicemail Options (Messaging and Unified Messaging)

  • Standard Design Requested: Voicemail Pro or Preferred Edition License (loaded up on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, or Linux. VMware or virtual server support. Clients have flexibility with up to 40 voicemail ports or channels. Storage size is based on Server or PC provided.
  • Voicemail Lite: Introduced early with R1; however, not supported in R9.
  • Embedded Messaging: Formerly a PCMCIA insert with IP403, IP406, IP412; now, live with Essential Edition with limited storage on SD. Standard is 2 ports; however, can expand to 6. Max 25 hours of messaging storage.
  • Centralized Voicemail (CVM) for multi-site configurations.
  • Distributed Voicemail (DVM) for multi-site configurations with local redundancy.
  • Backup Voicemail (BVM) for single or multi-site setups that need failover.
  • IP500 UC Module (UCM) Insert with Voicemail Pro Linux. Up to 380 hours of messaging storage.
  • 3rd Party of Avaya DevConnect partner offerings available.
  • Standard Design Requested: Voicemail Pro comes standard with Server Edition license.
  • Centralized Voicemail (CVM) for multi-site configurations.
  • Distributed Voicemail (DVM) for multi-site configurations with local redundancy.
  • Backup Voicemail (BVM) for single or multi-site setups that need failover.
  • 3rd Party of Avaya DevConnect partner offerings available.
  • For Voicemail PRO on Primary Server Edition: Up to 100 concurrent channels or ports allowed on primary. Up to 100 concurrent channels or ports allowed on the secondary server for resiliency. Up to 1,000 hours of message store.
  • Standard Design Requested: Avaya Communication Manager R6 and embedded messaging commonly called Communication Manager Messaging (CMM) allows for up to 12 ports is available as standard with Avaya Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Core. However, this is available with Avaya Standard Edition. Prior to R6, CMM was available and included as standard; however, R6 is a licensed option. 2,400 mailbox storage capacity.
  • For Enterprises that need more flexible features and ease of use Avaya Modular Messaging Single site setup can be selected. For Enterprises that require messaging redundancy and larger capacity Avaya Aura Modular Message dual server setup is available with MSS and MAS to provide message store and robust application server functionality.
  • Avaya speech recognition optional with Avaya Aura Messaging.
  • 3rd Party of Avaya DevConnect partner offerings available.
  • Octel, Audix, Intuity Audix, Audix LX and IALX all have been phased out for older ACM or Definity clients.

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