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Avaya IP Office Server Edition and Survivability Design Options

With the release of Avaya IP Office R9.0, the Server Edition has even more options for survivability and redundancy.

IP Office Server Edition primary call server can be loaded on one of 4 options:

  • HP DL120 Avaya OEM Server as Primary Server: This server solution was introduced with Avaya R8.1 IP Office Server Edition, but the Dell R210 has been introduced in IP Office R9.0 to replace in 2014.
  • HP DL360 Avaya OEM Server as Primary Server (270393 - HP DL360G7 IPO SERVER EDITION)
  • Dell R210 Avaya OEM Server as Primary Server (302788 - R210 II XL SRVR IPO SE EXP)
  • Avaya IP Office Virtual Server Edition License and software only edition deployed on a virtual machine (refer to Avaya IP Office 9.0 "Deploying Server Edition Servers as Virtual Machines" for capacity and sizing)

Server and Node Roles:

  • Primary Server
    • At minimum (based on sizing), the primary server provides all call processing, voicemail, as well as licensing. Avaya IP Office Server Edition and Survivability Design Options
    • Based on a client's current and future expansion plans, the Primary Server can be designed to also handle One-X portal and Mobility/Presence application server functions. Thus, this solution can handle all telephony, conferencing, unified messaging, basic web admin, media server, local backup, as well as time server functions (if needed). Avaya IP Office Server Edition and Survivability Design Options
    • If a client has SIP Trunks and IP Endpoints, this is the only server you need. Clients have access to basic web management as well. For more advanced management, IP Office Manager can be loaded up on a Windows 7 or Server 2008 (please note, R9.0.3 can support Server 2003, 2008, XP Pro, Vista Business and Ultimate as well as Windows 7 - refer to installation document "IP Office Manager Release 9.0.3").
  • Secondary Server
    • For clients that need increased capacity as well as resiliency, only one secondary server can be introduced into the Server Edition network. This server can be either placed at the same site or located offsite at a client remote location or in a Converged managed data center.
      • Assuming SIP trunks and IP Endpoints are utilized the following resiliency features are supported:
      • Backup hunt group processing
      • Backup voicemail server (allows up to 150 backup voicemail or recording channels)
      • Basic web admin
      • Up to 1500 IP Extensions (in DL360 design)
      • 256 Conference Channels
    • **Your secondary server architecture must match the primary server. Thus, if you have a DL360 as your primary you must use this for your secondary. If you plan on introducing a secondary server in the future it is recommended you purchase the secondary server to match the primary server as hardware and availability change in the future and configure it in the same data rack. Then when you are ready to re-deploy simply reconfigure and move to another site. It's much easier from an implementation standpoint and a cost standpoint to purchase secondary servers when you purchase primary servers.**
  • Expansion Systems and Remote Location Options
    • Up to 30 expansion systems or Server Nodes can be introduced as expansion systems. These are utilized in different manners based on your design and client requirements.
      • Do you need local number connectivity for reasons of 911 or to have a local presence?
      • Do you need basic local dial tone survivability if your main site were to go down or the WAN connection was lost?
      • Do any of your remote locations or even main sites where Primary and Secondary Servers are located to tie in TDM? Meaning analog trunks or lines, digital phones, or traditional voice PRI T1?
    • Avaya IP Office R9 Expansion System Options for Server Edition Network
      • 1. IP Office IP500V2 (700476005) Chassis Edition or Gateway referred to as Server Edition Expansion System (V2)
        • This chassis can support all endpoints and all trunks (IP, analog, or digital).
      • 2. Avaya's OEM Dell R210 Linux Server Expansion (302788) or Server Edition Expansion System (L)
        • This server can support all IP trunks and IP endpoints.
      • **Please note, each expansion system has different capacities. Refer to "IP Office Server Edition Solution Overview Guide IP Office 9.0" for more information.**
Avaya IP Office Server Edition and Survivability Design Options

Avaya IP Office Server Edition R9.0 Resiliency Support and Feature Options:

  • Secondary Server will support Voicemail resiliency for 15 day limit. With R8.1, Secondary required to have second set of Voicemail Pro Ports
  • Alternative music sources are supported on Primary, Secondary and Linux expansion systems. If in "resilient mode", Linux expansion servers and Secondary servers revert to default tone as primary MOH or music on hold source
  • Per Avaya documentation: "To achieve full resilience to any single node failure, the sum of the users on the Primary Server and any other node should not exceed 1500 users."
  • Failover Time for a single phone is approximately 2-3 minutes. Maximum documented time to complete server failover is 15 minutes. As a reminder, during installation these items should be fully tested and checked.
  • DL360 which is most common setup provided RAID hard drive support as well as dual PSU (power supplies) thus local hardware resiliency.
  • Review diagram as this reviews User and Application resiliency as well as trunk resiliency.
  • For more information on resiliency, refer to "IP Office Product Description R9"
Avaya IP Office Server Edition and Survivability Design Options

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