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Could Virtualization Give You a Competitive Edge?

The process of creating a software-based or a virtual representation of anything that is not physical – referred to as virtualization – is gaining momentum in many organizations today. It applies to servers, applications, networks, and storage. Virtualization is one of the most effective ways to reduce IT expenses while at the same time boosting… Read more

Top Telecom Concerns for Mid-Sized Businesses

Telecommunication in the traditional sense is slowly being phased out, thanks in part to the rise of the cloud and other new technologies. Still, companies of various sizes still rely on telecommunications to continue daily operations. It’s from that reliance certain challenges arise, more so if the telecom company in question isn’t taking an adaptive… Read more

Why Your Business Should Consider Disaster Recovery as a Service

All companies have a variety of assets they need to protect. Some of these assets are more modern, like digital software and files stored on hard disk drives. But these modernizations also pose some risks. That’s because malicious attacks in forms of malware, denial of service attempts, and other virtual threats are commonplace. When these… Read more

5 Qualities to Look for In a Data Center Provider

Of course, understanding the difference between low and high quality data centers is important. Since a company will usually rely on a center to accomplish various tasks and/or stabilize performance, making sure it’s worth the investment is crucial. To help your business get an idea of what to focus on, here are a few qualities… Read more

How to Choose a Managed Infrastructure Provider

Large companies have immense network infrastructure requirements and various IT needs. Managing this ecosystem of technology is often a burdensome task that requires both financial capital and trained staff. Assuring that adequate IT resources are available is easier said than done, especially when making sure the return on investment is worth it. As a result,… Read more

How Your Business Can Benefit from Managed Security Solutions

Cybersecurity is among one of the biggest concerns for businesses today. Because so much of a company’s infrastructure relies on technology and online interactions, keeping this area free from dangerous intrusions is important. However, many smaller businesses have difficulty finding the resources – both in software and personnel – to manage this daunting task. Indeed,… Read more

6 Things to Know About Telecom Expense Management

Properly managing the advancing nature of telecom services is important to reduce costs and promote security. A company likely relies on a telecom solution to handle daily business activities, so making sure it’s operating as efficiently as possible is important. But telecom expense management can be challenging without knowing a few things concerning both security… Read more

4 Ways Proactive Monitoring Can Give Your Business a Boost

Most businesses utilize IT and network infrastructure to accomplish daily tasks. Modern demands need modern solutions, so it’s not uncommon for most work to be carried out through network-related resources, such as file sharing, video conferencing, and more. As a result, this massive reliance on IT systems means that businesses must perform maintenance to keep… Read more

Top Telecommunication Concerns for Small Businesses

Smaller organizations have plenty of hurdles to overcome on a routine basis. With smaller staff sizes and fewer financial resources at their disposal, a small business must be careful with its decisions. Smaller companies also lack the luxuries of bigger infrastructure to fall back on. This goes double for telecommunications, a cornerstone for any business…. Read more

How to Keep Your VoIP System Secure

Telecom systems have evolved greatly along with technology in general. Now, thanks to revolutions in software and hardware, companies can run their communication infrastructure with the power of the Internet instead of traditional phone lines. This is typically accomplished through a vendor that also provides some of the hardware and programs needed to use their… Read more

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