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Top Telecommunication Concerns for Small Businesses

Smaller organizations have plenty of hurdles to overcome on a routine basis. With smaller staff sizes and fewer financial resources at their disposal, a small business must be careful with its decisions. Smaller companies also lack the luxuries of bigger infrastructure to fall back on. This goes double for telecommunications, a cornerstone for any business…. Read more

How to Keep Your VoIP System Secure

Telecom systems have evolved greatly along with technology in general. Now, thanks to revolutions in software and hardware, companies can run their communication infrastructure with the power of the Internet instead of traditional phone lines. This is typically accomplished through a vendor that also provides some of the hardware and programs needed to use their… Read more

6 Reasons to Replace Your Server

Servers play an important role for businesses, acting as the libraries where crucial data is stored. Additionally, they help measure website performance and efficiency during daily operations. Like all critical business tools, servers eventually need to be updated or replaced. Here are seven reasons to consider replacing your current server(s). 1. Improved performance. The older… Read more

Migrating to the Cloud? Here’s How to Minimize Disruption

Cloud computing is a powerful tool for businesses that want to take their productivity to the next level. Numerous services and backup options are available with cloud models, including things like virtualized services, BDR plans, remote work capabilities, and more. Of course, migrating essential legacy systems to the cloud is easier said than done. Depending… Read more

Top 5 Unified Communication Concerns for Government Agencies

Clear communication in any industry, especially government services, is essential for success. Efficiently getting messages and information to the correct parties in as little time as possible leads to quick problem resolution and increased performance all around. Government agencies face the same problems and concerns as businesses when deploying universal communication solutions. Here are some… Read more

5 Benefits of Using Blue Jeans

The name “Blue Jeans” might make you think of comfortable pants, but it’s also a robust communication solution for different businesses. Since communication can make or break a project or task, it’s important to have the right resources available. In comes Blue Jeans, a cloud-based video conference system to better connect your workforce for improved… Read more

6 Common Communication Technology Issues in the Healthcare Industry

In healthcare, communication is a crucial element in maintaining quality treatment for patients, as well as accurately storing and distributing data between healthcare professionals. With new technology, communication, as well as the sharing of critical information to doctors, has become much easier. However, despite these advancements and their importance in healthcare, numerous problems and errors… Read more

What You Should Look for in a Managed Telephony Support Provider

When looking to make the most of its resources, a business will outsource a service to third parties like managed telephony providers, which offer support for phone services. If a business relies on phone communication to handle parts its daily routine, such as sales or customer support, then maintaining the integrity of that form of… Read more

The Benefits of Colocation for Your IT Infrastructure

Having servers for storage and network infrastructure is a crucial element of a tech driven business. But smaller companies don’t always have the resources to physically expand for more server capacity. When the data demands keep rising, what do they do? A handy trick is co-locating. This is a process where a business migrates some… Read more

How Hosted Email and Cloud Email Can Benefit Your Business

Companies are always on the prowl for methods to expedite their daily tasks, from project management to communication. Hosted email solutions – email services handled by a cloud provider – are one way to do that. Additionally, they typically allow for better security and speed. Considering how often users – both clients and workers –… Read more

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