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10 Essential Telecom Terms You Should Know

Telecommunications are highly important to most businesses. Because of this importance, the field possesses a range of terminology useful for expediting information. If you want to know anything about and telecom solutions, here are 10 essential terms to know. 1. Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). In the telecom world, an ATM isn’t a machine you withdraw… Read more

Does Your Business Need a New Phone System? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Telecommunications are the backbone of any savvy modern business. Without an efficient phone system, a company has no way to build customer relations, follow up on calls, manage mobile employment, or discuss important projects. Sometimes, you need to upgrade your phone systems. These three key questions can help you figure out if it’s time for… Read more

5 Communication Solution Providers to Consider

If you’re looking to boost productivity in the workplace, sometimes it’s best to seek out a good unified communications solution. UC solutions offer a variety of services that help keep everyone in the loop regarding projects, files, goals, and more. But not all UC solutions are the same. Some operate as managed service providers and… Read more

4 Signs You Need a New Unified Communication Solution Provider

Unified communications are among the most beneficial resources for modern companies. Because open communication is paramount to the success of projects, numerous organizations rely heavily on it. However, there are times with a unified communication solution no longer works. There can be a variety of reasons for this, but if production suffers because of a… Read more

How to Ensure Successful End User Adoption of a New Solution

The idea behind end user adoption is to get everyone to successfully integrate a new platform, application, or service into their daily routine. This process is often conducted by companies making a transition from older to newer systems, introducing a new program, or adding to workforce solutions. Successfully implementing a new solution requires a few… Read more

6 Common Phone System Issues (And How to Handle Them)

Every business needs effective communication to keep operating. Phone systems are the backbone to these operations, and if they go down an organization can suffer tremendous downtime. If your business relies on traditional phone setups, errors and downtime can occur with greater frequency. To help combat this, here’s a quick list of several common phone… Read more

5 Things to Know About SIP Phone Service

Telecom solutions are popular among large businesses that rely on communication to optimize their operations. Sometimes, though, older systems do not provide the reliability needed to get things done. As a result, some companies utilize VoIP services. There’s also SIP (session initiation protocol), which operates on fundamentally similar levels. Both use the Internet to manage… Read more

8 Ways to Make the Most Out of Salesforce CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial to the success of any business. This total view of individual prospects creates enormous pools of useful data for companies. Every part of customer engagement is recorded, allowing a company to fine tune their process to generate the most profit. Salesforce is known for its CRM focused solutions. Here are eight ways… Read more

How to Find the Perfect Avaya Partner for Your Business

Cultivating a strong business-customer relationship is a key factor for any company’s success. Without a solid consumer base, a business has nowhere to go. Sometimes though, creating this positive relationship is easier said than done, despite all the work that might go into ad campaigns and other efforts. That’s why organizations choose to work with… Read more

Is Fully Managed Telephony Right for You?

It’s no secret that a strong communications platform is the backbone to a productive, efficient business. The ability to mobilize information to management helps projects move forward, while simultaneously managing positive customer relations. However, despite its importance, companies can find themselves overwhelmed with maintenance and the strain high volume places on their communication infrastructure. This… Read more

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